Watsu Massage
5 benefits of massage in water 

Watsu massage is one of the types of massage therapy that floats and stretches a client in warm water in order to release chronic pain conditions of the body. It is taught around the world as a rehabilitation aquatic therapy. 

The movements of water massage therapy help take weigh off the vertebrae and allow the spine to be moved in directions that are not possible on a massage or physicians table. 

In the early 1980's, Harold Dull created this aquatic type of water massage after studying shiatsu in Japan. It is described as Shiatsu in warm water.

Stretches and other movements were later added to provide a full range of joint mobilization with the therapy.

Mr. Dull's followers were Yoga and Tantra students and the work attracted all types of people from all walks of life, from all over the world.

As his work in the water evolved, it became an original therapy for a variety of other water therapies including Waterdance, Healing Dance, Jahara, Aquatic Integration, Ai Chi, and Amnion.

Watsu massage benefits

  1. Promote a deep state of relaxation - offers calmness and peace 
  2. Positive changes in the nervous system - promotes release of anxiety
  3. Positive effects on the muscular system - release of chronically tight muscles
  4. Release of trauma and injuries - letting go of traumatic events 
  5. Release of tension and stress - a benefit that is priceless

Over time, Watsu was introduced to hospitals and rehab centers. Training classes now include Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractor.

Health care providers are discovering that water creates resonance with fluids found in the body, as in the blood, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid, and the synovial fluid.

It is in this unique situation that the body can release pain and find freedom from everyday stress, surgeries, and accidents. Trauma and injuries release is also common with this type of water therapy.

Massage practitioners are seeing that massage therapy in water is healing to their own bodies, especially their hands. In the water clients don’t ask for deep tissue, due to the principle of hydrostatic pressure they already experience a full body compression, even when the massage is localized.

Ask a therapist or Instructor if they are happy being in the water everyday, and they will always tell you how much they love their work!

Classes and Trainings can be found at:

Massage in water also helps to decrease muscle tension, increase range of motion, increase flexibility in joints, decrease depression, anxiety and emotional pain, and improve sleep disorders, digestion and immune responses.

These types of massage therapy are being incorporated into hospital, clinic and rehabilitation therapies around the world to help with painful and chronic conditions such as:

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