Raindrop Technique ...
and safe application of essential oils!

The benefits of the Raindrop Technique in a therapy setting are becoming well-known in the massage and spa industry, so it is important for massage therapists to understand safe application. 

The technique was called Raindrop because it involves dropping certain essential oils onto the spine. It also uses a technique called “finger feathering” to produce electrical stimulation and help bring essential oil benefits into the cells.

Techniques used in this therapy are quite different than traditional massage, and are worth learning and using for their ability to facilitate healthy outcomes in the science of aromatherapy.

This kit, Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection provides an instructional DVD, as well as the essential oils needed to begin providing this healing therapy.

 What is the purpose of Raindrop?  

This technique is often used to support the body in bringing about physical and electrical balance.

Eight pure essential oils are traditionally used in the application, although the therapist may choose other oils based on the individual client.

Oils include: Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cypress, Marjoram, and the Balancing Blend (Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Spruce).

Dr. Gary Young, the creator of this therapy, chose these specific oils after concluding that one of the possible causes of scoliosis may be viruses located along the spine, causing inflammation to the body's system. He wanted to create a hostile environment to combat viruses and bacteria along the spine, to see if the oils would be beneficial.

The therapy helps clients to understand how and why essential oils help create this environment in the body, by explanation of how plant oils work.

Each plant has its own chemical makeup, producing different chemicals needed for protection against parasites, fungi, and infection. This is sent through the plant through fluid that is it's own special essential oil.

When oil is distilled properly, a variety of chemicals that exist naturally in each plant are captured in the essential oil that is obtained from the plant.

Raindrop requires the oils to be applied “neat”, which means they are applied to the skin from the bottle, without any dilution, which helps essential oil benefits to penetrate the top layers of skin.

This kit, Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection provides an instructional DVD, as well as the essential oils needed to begin providing this healing therapy.

To ensure safety, the oils used in this therapy must be verified to be pure therapeutic grade, which means they must be from organic plants and not altered. In some versions of Raindrop, e oils are applied first reflex points on the client's feet with a finger technique.

The same oils are then applied along the spine. A couple of drops of pure grade oils (2-5 usually, depending on the size of the back) are applied, one at a time, with a Native American feathering technique. Layering the oils allows the benefits of each oil to build on the other.

Continuing education training is recommended to become a Certified Raindrop Practitioner. During training, the massage therapist will learn the science of essential oils and safe application techniques. 

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