How to Give Back Massage
for reducing back pain and releasing stress!

How to give back massage is simple to learn and easy to do, and what many with back pain enjoy, and need the most, with some even requesting the entire hour of massage be given just on the back muscles.

Massage can help relieve back painstressmuscle spasmssciatica issuesneck pain, and so many more aches and pains we experience on a daily basis.

When massage tools, like hot stones, are added to the massage session, it helps to loosen chronically tight muscles, and because it warms the muscles naturally, it allows the therapist to put more energy toward finding the muscle restrictions, rather than warming the muscle.

11 Steps - How to Give Back Massage

1) Start with a small amount of massage lotion or oil in the hands. Rub hands together several times in order to warm the lotion and then spread the lotion over the entire back.

2) After the whole back has been covered in lotion, massage the back lightly for 5-6 minutes.

3) Start with the upper back, adding pressure with fingertips, thumbs and palms, sweeping beside the spine. Be careful to not add pressure directly on the spine. Do this sweeping motion 3-4 times.

4) Now using both thumbs side-by-side, starting at the top of shoulder (between shoulder blade and spine) and add pressure all the way down the back on the side of the spine.

5) Next, take the first three fingers and add pressure at fingertips, running down the back along the side of the spine, repeating 3-4 times.

6) Next, use the forearm and add light pressure, rubbing forearm along shoulder blade (between shoulder blade and spine), doing this motion 3-4 times.

7) Now, move to the lower back massage. With both hands, begin to make circular motions in the low back area, above the sacrum.

Massage releases tensions held along the sacrum and hips. This is an area where you may want to use deeper pressure with massage stones.

Read more about massage stone sets for mas

Work this area 2-3 minutes, using just circular motions.

8) Then move to the upper buttocks area (making sure to work only in areas 1"-2"'s below waist). Again, use circular motions with light pressure in this area.

9) Repeat this on the right side of the back.

10) Now, work on the neck area by giving light massage to each side, adding slightly more pressure at the base of the skull.

Stand to the side and massage directly to the base of the skull. This will allow you to add a little more pressure, but with more control.

11)  Use more sweeping motions over the entire back, allowing a few minutes more of low back massage, and ending by sweeping around the neck to the base of the skull. Lastly, save 1-2 minutes for a nice scalp massage.

This DVD, Massage for the Lower Back can help you learn more about how to give a massage at home to relieve pain, tension and stress.

Both instructions for massage and the DVD teach great repetitive movements that are easy to remember and perform.

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