How to Calm Anxiety
7 Natural Ways to Help Clients Find Relief

In life, learning how to calm anxiety is essential, to avoid sickness or disease, and choosing natural ways to find relief helps us face daily life without drugs. 

With the state of our world today, anxiety plagues even the most confident.

We are constantly reminded of how easily life as we know it can change, how quickly we can get sick, and how fast life can be altered, so it is not surprising that so many people are dealing with anxiety, more than ever before.

Although stress is a part of life, anxiety is usually caused by things we have no control over, things that we can't predict, and things we did not expect or never saw coming. 

Thankfully, there are some things we can do to naturally combat that anxiety, and try to avoid sickness.

How to Calm Anxiety - 7 Ways to Fight... and get relief

1. Massage therapy - regular massage sessions help us relax, take a break from the stress of life, and focus on elease of anxiety, tension, and stress. Sometimes, it's just that short break from everyday life that helps us refresh,and rejuvenates our bodies to face another day.

2. Breathing- if you don't practice deep breathing exercises, now is a good time to start. It floods the body with fresh oxygen and nitric acid, but releases carbon monoxide, which cleanses our bodies of toxins. Breathing is actually 70% responsible for elimination of toxins, the bowels and bladder eliminate about 30%.  Deep breathing also helps to lower blood pressure, lower stress levels,  and promote calmness.

3. Walking or other forms of exercise - increasing the heart rate for 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week is also a great way to lower stress and anxiety. Because anxiety has been proven to increase your risk of heart disease over time, getting into a habit of regular exercise is really important.

4. Warm chamomile tea- a cup of herbal chamomile tea helps to relax the body and prepare it for a night of rest. It doesn't seem like tea could actually calm us, but studies show chamomile has the ability to relax our mind and body, allowing us to prepare for rest.

5. Warm bathes - So, who has time to have a warm soak in a tub at night? Well, you may want to make the time, because it works! It also may reduce the amount of sleep meds or other pills that you take to help you it's worth it to find the time to relax in a warm tub...if only for a few minutes!

6. Reading in bed - Don't have the time? Don't enjoy reading? Find a subject that interests you, something you want to learn, or something you are passionate about....that kind of book may hold your attention more than just a random book. It helps you relax in bed, and fall asleep faster, preparing your body for a restful sleep.

7. MusicSoft, soothing massage or spa music is also a good tool to help you fall asleep, but make sure it is very low, slow, and soft.

8. Essential oils- even putting a drop of oil on your hands and inhaling the aroma, can help lower anxiety. Diffusing essential oils can also help make us calmer. Lavender oil blends are especially useful to help learn how to calm anxiety.

Common Causes of Anxiety

  1. Stress - from work, school, relationships, or events happening around you that are beyond your control
  2. Emotional or financial traumas 
  3. Chronic or Acute medical condition
  4. Uncontrolled alcohol or drug consumption
  5. Medication side effect
  6. Lack of oxygen 
  7. Raising kids in a crazy world

Anxiety sufferers are all around, and most often, at least at some point in our life and to some degree, we all suffer from this disorder.

While we can't change the things that happen around us, we can change US!

Life is short, so find out how to calm anxiety, in order to live life, and enjoy it!

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