How To Relax Your Mind
natural, spa-at-home solutions to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain pills needed!

Letting go and learning how to relax your mind, in the midst of a pandemic, might be one of the most important things you ever do, providing a peace that money cannot buy - release of stress, grief, pain, and anxiety - things that are truly priceless.

Natural Solutions 

Massage Therapy to Relax the Mind

Life is hard, but massage can help, and the benefits reach much further than just relaxation. Release of stress, trauma, grief, shock, self-doubt, or a much-needed time away from caring for children or a sick, elderly family member.

Although there are many massage therapy techniques offered in spas, salons, and private practices around the world, relaxation can also be found in the comfort of home, starting a  process of healing, release, and pain relief right where you are. 

Massage is a natural way to avoid popping pills all the time, and foot spas, back, head, or neck massagers, self massage tools, and essential oils allow savvy consumers to discover how to relax  your mind ..... everyday. Add massage therapy music, and you have a mini-spa at home.

Essential Oils to Relax the Mind

Some of the most natural, healing products used in homes today are essential oils. 

They offer healing benefits that support our mind, body and spirit, allowing release.

  1. Peppermint  - soothes stomach issues like nausea 
  2. Bergamot  - helps skin conditions like eczema and acne
  3. Lavender  - encourages relaxation
  4. Eucalyptus - to loosen congestion in nasal passages and chest
  5. Tea Tree - to help boost immune system
  6. Rose - to reduce anxiety
  7. Sandlewood - to calm nerves
  8. Chamomile - used for mood support
  9. Jasmine - helps depression

And these are only a few of the essential oil uses for spa-like benefits at home!

Diffuser Benefits for Relaxation

Diffusers are healthy for us because they release molecules into the air through a cool air mist, which allows us to breath clean air, and with added essential oils, really relax. 

By diffusing, the oil's properties enter our bodies by inhalation, providing healing benefits of the oil, and offering a greater understanding of inner peace. 

Benefits of spa-at-home treatments

Release of stress, worry, or anxiety by learning how to relax your mind and body, is the most wonderful benefit of massage, spa treatments, and essential oils. 

But, they can also help reduce pain - a priceless benefit.

Pain causes lots of stress, and anxiety. And, when pain is reduced, stress and anxiety naturally reduce too.

Back and neck pain are the most common complaints a massage therapist hears, while head (headaches) and foot pain are issues many struggle to overcome.

How to Relax Your Mind at Home

You do not have to go to a fancy spa or use the most expensive massage products to relax. If fact, many of the essential oils, body butters, and scrubs that we recommend, are inexpensive and can be delivered right to your front door, or even better, made in your own home.

When chronic pain or tension is relieved it can be life-changing. You feel such peace as you finally relax, and it is an amazing moment ...and there is absolutely nothing like it!

Whether you want to learn how to relax your mind for yourself, or to help a family member or friend, learning how will help you understand that release can heal; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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