How to Grow a Business
7 DIY Blueprints To Get More Clients Now!

Massage school teaches massage!

What they don’t teach, is how to grow a business!

but, what if...

✔️you had a step-by-step checklist on what to do?

✔️you could quickly learn how to use social media to grow your business?

✔️you could build your own website in a day (no website designer, no 10K cost) with a simple, step-by-step guidebook?

✔️you could learn to use easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to get more clients to your business?

✔️you had an already proven-effective list of social media conversations starters to help you talk to clients and potential clients?

✔️you could build simple Facebook ads all by yourself, without paying a social media marketing agency big bucks?

✔️you could make connections on a professional business profile website, like LinkedIn, and get the clients that need and pay top dollar for a great massage therapist?

After 21 years in massage therapy business ownership, after having to learn by trial and error (aka the hard way), I can whole-heartedly tell you that YES, you can!!!!

I have taken what I have learned over the years, and poured it all into my guidebooks, to show you exactly how!

7 DIY Blueprints To Grow a Massage Business

1. DIY Website

Websites attract new customers to your business, so that you make money, but they also introduce your business to the world, and tell your story.

By being available 24/7, even when you’re not, it's like an “always-open” business support during and outside of business hours.

But, a website can do something else that is very important for you ... help convert more of your visitors to real customers.

It can be your number one tool for standing out in a crowd of competition.

It’s not as hard to build anymore, or expensive, and you no longer need to be tech savvy to build a website.

Websites offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising, and it's a great tax write-off for self-employed people.

It also allows you to post testimonials about your business, offer pictures of the business (which makes people feel more comfortable walking in), and gives a list of your services and prices.

2. DIY Facebook Page

A page on Facebook can be the life blood of your business, and learning how to interact with your clients is critical!

Posts with conversation starters help you engage clients on a personal level, as well as discretely find services and products they are interested in learning about for their health.

Nothing gets folks talking like social media conversations that allow them to share stories, or self-help tips, or new diet trends, or, more importantly for you, their favorite spa experience. It doesn't always have to be about massage, but get them talking and sharing. 

This helps you determine where your business will go in the future, what services you will offer, and how to best serve your current and potential clients. Our guide helps you learn how to grow a business through connections also, with tips on how to easily engage with owners and other professionals. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the quantity and quality of  traffic (visitors) that comes to your website from the search engines. It targets unpaid traffic, rather than paid traffic. 

Unpaid traffic is called natural or organic traffic. Paid traffic (like Facebook or Instagram ads) is direct traffic, leading directly to your website. 

Google My Business - This tool allows you to get ratings from already established clients, like testimonials, to help you get new referrals to your business - easy tips on how to grow a business using GMB to improve SEO fast!

4. DIY LinkedIn Connections

Using specific step-by-step strategies for making connections on this social media platform allows you to get clients into your business that are professional, hard-working (stressed, tired, and needing to relax) individuals that need massage on a regular basis, and can afford your services. 

5. DIY Email List

Gathering emails of all you clients, and potential clients allows you to communicate easily and effectively, during holidays when you sell lots of gift certificates, and during slow times, by offering specials or discounts.

6. DIY Facebook Ads Know-How

What? Create Facebook Ads on your own, with no "expert" help, no $1K per hour guru doing it for me? Yep! You can do it easily with a super easy, step-by-step guide to show you how to grow a business with Facebook Ads.

7. Learn Profitable Add-on Services 

Never underestimate the power of relaxing Add-on services that provide additional therapeutic relaxation, and greatly enhance the massage experience!

Whether you want to learn how to grow a business for yourself, or for your salon or spa business, learning how to create your own website, how to do your own SEO, and learning how to use social media tools is a must - and that's where Massage Education Guide can help.

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