How to Grow a Business
With Super Simple Marketing, Ideas, Creative Add-on Services and Easy-to-learn Niches - to Get Clients Fast

Massage school teaches how to massage! What they don't teach is how to grow a business! 

But you are here, so let's learn how - no high-ticket coach needed!

What if ...

✔️you had super simple, step-by-step marketing ideas to get new clients?

✔️you could quickly learn attention-grabbing posts for social media to grow your business?

✔️you could build your own website in a day (no website designer, no 10K cost) with a simple, step-by-step guidebook?

✔️you could learn to use easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to get more clients to your business?

✔️you had an already proven-effective, attention-grabbing list of social media conversation starters to help you talk to clients and potential clients?

✔️you could build simple Facebook ads all by yourself, without paying a social media marketing agency big bucks?

✔️you could make connections on a professional business profile website, like LinkedIn, and get the clients that need your help and pay top dollar for a great massage therapist?

✔️you could learn an unique niche to market your services to high-paying clients

Well, now you can!

After 23 years in massage therapy, after having to learn by trial and error (aka the hard way), I want to empower you grow your business to new heights!

Can you really do all this "techy" stuff all by yourself? no high-ticket coach needed?

Yep, you can!!!

I can whole-heartedly, with 100% confidence, tell you that YES, you can!!!!

Because I have taken what I have learned over the years, and poured it all into my

downloadable guide, to show you exactly how!

Get My New DIY Guide On How to Grow A Business - FREE

What would it feel like ...

✔️to have all the clients you need

✔️to have clients who visit your massage business regularly

✔️to get new clients over and over from existing, established clients with a one-time referral

✔️to not have to worry so much from week-to-week if you will bring in the income you need

✔️to be able to easily carry on a conversation on social media with potential clients

✔️to have a waiting list - just for the unique niches and add-on services you offer

✔️to have the confidence to build Facebook Ads all by yourself

✔️to have step-by-step instructions that helps your business move up in search results (and reach potential, new clients everyday)

✔️to understand how to build a website and make easy changes

✔️to have already-proven effective social media conversation starters at your fingertips

Well, now you can! Get My Guide

what you will get ...

  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to build Facebook Ads by yourself - no $1K per hour ads manager needed!
  2. Learn the psychology behind advertising your servuces - how to tell people the solution (massage) to their problem (pain, stress, anxiety, etc.), and encourage them to call your business!
  3. Detailed instruction on how to build a basic one page website that is optimized for search engines and visitors alike - without a $10K designer!
  4. Social media conversations starters for your business page that encourages clients and potential clients to interact with your business!
  5. Tips on how to connect with potential clients on professional social media sites like LInkedIn
  6. Strategies for SEO, and moving up in rankings, that are proven to get new clients in to your business!
  7. A list of ways to increase traffic and interactions on your Facebook business page, in order to have discussions and answer questions from clients and potential clients!
  8. Creative Add-on Services that add big bucks to your bottom line!

Whether you want to learn how to grow a business for yourself, or for your salon or spa business, learning how to create your own advertising, how to do your own SEO, and learning how to use social media tools is a must - and that's where Massage Education Guide can help.

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