Reflexology Benefits 
9 ways it can improve your health

Reflexology benefits include stimulation of the reflex points on the feet, that help the body to heal and improve physical well-being. 

This therapy is a non-invasive technique that can lower stress, encourage healing, improve circulation, cleanse toxins from the body, and increase energy.

Over 7,000 nerve endings are located in the foot. They are called reflexes and they correspond to every organ and system within the body. Light pressure on these points can bring about a response from the nerves that helps re-balance the body.  

This massage clears energy pathways that have been blocked.  By helping the foot to relax, the blood supply flows more freely, the nerves relax, and everything functions better.

With this therapy, you can ease back aches, neck pain, PMS, TMJ, hip pain, and any other areas that ache or have pains, simply by  stimulating the reflex area that corresponds to that pain the foot, on the hands or around the ears.

9 Reflexology Benefits for pain ans stress

  • Deep Relaxation - releasing tension and helping to relax mind and body
  • Stress Reduction - easing anxiety and allowing calmness
  • Removes Energy Blockages - releasing blockages to allow proper energy flow
  • Improves Circulation - encourages blood flow to organs and tissues
  • Encourages the body's own ability to heal - helping to get better naturally
  • Known to help stimulate labor in pregnancy - with correct stimulation of reflex points
  • Reduces PMS pain and discomfort - easing muscle cramping and abdominal pain
  • Aids in healthy digestion - encouraging better digestion of food and complete elimination 
  • Reduces pain of headaches, tooth aches, arthritis, sinusitis, stomach aches, and much more - with stimulation of those reflex points, it can help pain all over the body

This therapy is also great for clients who are uncomfortable removing their clothes for a full body massage session.

This DVD, Comprehensive Reflexology & Massage: The Foot is the DVD from the clip above teaches how to do this therapy, whether you want to learn for you and your family, or to offer in a spa or massage practice.

It is taught my Meade Steadman, who is a wonderful massage instructor in the industry. He has produced many instructional DVD's for therapists and those who just want to learn massage for family and friends.

This is a clip from that DVD:

There are many different types of foot massage, originating from many cultures around the world.

Chinese foot massage and Kansa Vatki Foot Massage are similar techniques focusing on the rebalancing of the body's energy fields. These treatments are all found in various forms in many spas and salons around the world.

Some spas offer the treatment as a stand-alone service, others offer it as an add-on service to massage therapy or pedicure services.

Prices for the therapy differ depending on where you get the therapy, whether it is an add-on or stand-alone service, and the experience/specialty level of the therapist.

Read more about the benefits of Reflexology at WebMD

Reflexology benefits and techniques are easy to learn and easy to teach others to use at home, in between regular massage appointments.

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