Benefits of Stress Relief Massage ...
for body, mind, and spirit!

Adding a stress relief massage on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis can help you deal with the pressures of life. and make a huge difference in your outlook and the way you deal with others.

Goodness, isn't life stressful nowadays?

Between the coronavirus pandemic, work, kids, and school, stress is part of our everyday lives and it can cause neck painback pain, anxietydepression and sickness. However, massage therapy can help relieve that tension and provide peace, calmness and a sense of well-being.

Stressful situations, either continuous or occasional, can dramatically effect our immune system too.

As we experience these situations, Cortisol, a major steroid hormone, is produced at a rapid rate. This, in turn, suppresses the immune system and encourages it to stop fighting...and it does. It is during this time that disease, bacteria or virus can begin in our bodies.

Because some chronically stressful things in life cannot be changed, we must learn how to lower stress, and relax our bodies and minds. Alternative medicine or supplements, breathing exercises, relaxing types of massage therapy, yoga, physical activities, and meditation are great ways to reduce tension.

Muscle tightness can sometimes make the tension worse. Most people don't even realize they are carrying so much tension in their muscles until they receive a massage.

Symptoms might include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, TMJ, headaches, pain and tightness in muscles and changes in weight.

Relaxation massage helps to lower heart rate, decrease anxiety, blood pressure, and hormone levels which can increase one's ability to cope with everyday life issues.

In a stress relief massage, you should use a lotion or oil which helps to glide hands smoothly across the skin. Peaceful surroundings like slow, soft music will help promote the effectiveness of massage therapy. You might also relaxing essential oils.

While spas are popular, basic massage can be easily done at home. You can provide massage for tight muscles in neck, arms, legs, back, and shoulders. For video instructions on how to perform a massage, please visit my page on full body massage.

Reduction of pain and tension after receiving massage can last for several days, depending on the individual and circumstances.

Stress relief massage can provide you with a whole new perspective, and give you a sense of peace that you haven't felt in a while. And, having someone who truly is focused on providing you a time to release pain, stress and worry, is a blessing.

This is another essential oil, Stress Away, promotes safe release of anxiety, stress, tension, and provides stress relief with true relaxation. It is perfect for  massage therapy, home use or for a professional aromatherapist.

Natural Health & Beauty is a website that is full of information on natural tension relief therapy, alternative medicine, women's health, spas and healthy eating. You can learn more about how natural therapies, massage included, can make a difference in your quality of life.

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