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Bamboo massage uses bamboo stalks of various lengths, along with Swedish strokes and sometimes deep tissue pressure. Some therapists even incorporate Thai full body massage and lymph drainage techniques.

Bamboo Fusion

In many Asian cultures, bamboo still symbolizes youth, strength, and optimal health. Although very new to the American culture in spa and bodywork services, bamboo has been used as a primary tool for deep tissue work in other areas of the world for centuries.

Bamboo is renewable and grows quickly. It is found in many different forms in homes throughout the world in flooring, roofs, fabric, lampshades, and paper.

Now, bamboo is also being used as a massage tool.

Nathalie Cecilia, founder of Bamboo-fusion, has created this therapy which uses warmed bamboo tools to provide muscle release that the therapist's elbows, forearms and fingers usually provide.

Bamboo and rattan tools of varying shapes and sizes are used during massage.

Heating is done in a commercial grade heating pad, which makes them feel relaxing on the client’s body.

When she first started using bamboo, tools were made out of bamboo that Cecilia herself cut and finished.

It has now evolved into crafted bamboo that is easy to heat and clean. The tool is very portable, and is easy to use wherever you are providing massage therapy services.

Bamboo-fusion is easy to learn for use in any spa setting. It is also a nice tool for providing deep tissue work that is easier on the therapist and client.


Mary-Claire Fredette has been licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board for massage since early 1999. She teaches Bamboo-fusion and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy in Cincinnati on a regular basis. Her website is

There are techniques which use bamboo to stretch the fascia in different directions in order to loosen adhesions. Other techniques involve light tapping with the bamboo sticks to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation to the muscles.

This is a great set to help you learn how to use bamboo in massage, how to explain the benefits of the therapy to clients, and how to safely use the tools. It is 100% natural bamboo, reusable, and water resistant - perfect for massage. It comes with an instructional DVD.

Chair massage using bamboo is another modality that some therapists practice. It also uses bamboo stalks and deep pressure massage.

Asian countries regard bamboo as a symbol of life energy, prosperity, eternal youth and strength. Because of that, the use of bamboo massage is popular in Chinese medicine.

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