Massage for Sports Injuries ...
why and how it helps!

Sports Injuries can occur at athletic events, health clubs or in your home while exercising. Many times, the damage is due to overuse or trauma to muscles. 

The most common types of damage to muscles include:

Symptoms often include pain in the affected area with heat radiating from the damaged muscle. It is usually painful to touch.

Treatments may include pain medications, rest, physical therapy, massage therapy, and in some cases surgery to correct the issue.

Massage for sports injuries helps to increase blood circulation and, thereby, increase oxygen and vital nutrient flow to the affected area.

It can also help to deeply relax the muscles and our mind. After a traumatic event, both have a hard time releasing.

Massage stones made specifically for deep tissue work may be used to help encourage muscles to relax and allow healing to begin.

Sports Massage is great for athletes who are in training, however, it can be a deeper pressure than a hurting athlete can handle. Be sure to let the practitioner know if the pressure he/she is giving is too much.

Sports massage schools are specialized massage schools that teach students the knowledge needed to pursue careers that help treat those with sports injuries.

This could include being a full-time massage therapist for a sports team, a gym/club or just a private practice that specializes in sports massage.

Sports massage schools are now training massage therapists to work on specific injuries that are common in specific sports. For example, football players often have injuries to the leg muscles.

In fact, over 90% of muscle injuries in football players affect the four major muscle groups of the lower extremity: hamstrings, adductors, quadriceps and gastrocnemius. So, if you were to attend a sports massage school, you would study these muscles extensively.

If you wish to learn Sports Massage in the comfort of home, this is one of the best videos detailing techniques. Sports Event & Medical Massage Video for Learning 13 Pre, Inter, and Post Event Sessions to Work with Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Tennis Players and Other Athletes.

is highly rated, very detailed, and covers essential muscle groups and areas of high muscle stress for athletes.

This is a short clip of that DVD:

Sporting accidents are common and happen every day, and rehabilitation centers are now hiring massage therapists who are trained to address these injuries. 

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