Benefits of Reducing Stress ....
how to do it and why you may live longer!

Everybody has it, but the benefits of reducing stress may actually help us live a longer, happier life!

It can be caused by work, family issues, health issues or just a natural part of your genetic make-up.

Learning to manage your life means taking charge of the situation, and being pro-active in finding a solution to lower your anxiety. This means controlling feelings, ideas, thoughts and a demanding schedule.

Recognizing the source of your worry the first step in dealing with these issues. But, that is sometimes the hardest part.

For instance, it may not be the worry of a lack of money, which often causes anxiety issues, but the lack of a job that makes better money and provides better security for your family.

Benefits of Reducing Stress

  1. Improves Sleep  - insomnia can be caused by stress, depression, sickness and illness
  2. Improves Muscle Tension  - over time, uncontrollable muscle spasms can lead to insufficient muscle control
  3. Reduces Back and Neck Pain - which causes headaches and back muscle pain
  4. Helps us fight Sickness and Disease - Physicians continue to insist that tension is related to cancer and other serious illness
  5. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle - Many times folks choose unhealthy ways to manage the stressful situations. Things like smoking, alcohol, drugs, and overeating. No matter what the cause is for you, you should find ways to relieve your worry... naturally, if possible.

Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

  1. Exercise
  2. Massage therapy - of course!
  3. Warn herbal tea
  4. Reading - sepecially if you are feeling anxious at night
  5. Natural aromatherapy candles
  6. Diffusing Essential Oils
  7. Avoid people who cause you to feel worried or stressed
  8. Back away from conversations that may have topics that will cause you to be angry or upset...walk away!
  9. Learn to say "no"

How Massage Therapy can Help Reduce Stress

  • Learn to talk and let your feelings out .... even if you have to talk to your massage therapist. He/She is by no means a trained counselor, and should not be giving you any kind of advice, but at least you can vent...and maybe even relax a little.
  • Massage allows you to have time just for you. This means, you do not have to be in control, because someone else is taking charge. Your therapist's time and attention is solely on you and your healing.
  • Massage gives you a time to let go. Between the aromatherapy in the room, the relaxing music that plays, and the gentle touch of the therapist hands, you begin to let go ...sometimes even before the therapist enters the room.
  • Reducing the tension held within muscles is also a way that massage helps you release tension, because muscles are usually where we hold it.

The Massage Mat is a great tool to have at home for stress relief. It helps to ease neck, back, and shoulder tension, as well as help headaches that often come with tight muscles in these areas.

Invest in products and tools like this to help end the pain of tight, tension-filled muscles. Learn massage at home or find a therapist and discover about the wonderful benefits of regular massage therapy for your health as well, and enjoy the stress relief that it can bring to your life!

Read more about natural ways to rid your life of stress on Healthline.

The benefits of reducing stress go far beyond relaxing, and include the priceless benefit of allowing us to live a longer, healthier life.

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