Craniosacral Massage ...
for head, neck, shoulders, and back!

Craniosacral Massage focuses on releasing muscles from the cranium (head) to the sacrum (base of spine)and all the muscles in between. It involves a very light touch head massage as well as back and neck massage with specific techniques used to release barriers in the Craniosacral rhythm.

These rhythms can be felt throughout the body and trained therapists can easily pinpoint disruption in order to work those areas.

Restrictions in the sacrum, for instance, can pull on the dural tube (which surrounds and protects the spinal cord). This can cause dysfunction all the way up to the base of the cranium and can often be the cause of sinusitis, headaches, or low back pain.

You should not receive this therapy if you have an aneurysm, a cerebral hemorrhage, any type of bleeding disorder, or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Benefits of Craniosacral Massage

Often used as a preventative health measure, getting this type of massage on a regular basis has the ability to increase your resistance to disease and aid in the following disorders:

Being involved with craniosacral work as a therapist myself, I can say this is a type of massage that I wish I had studied earlier in my career. It can truly help you to cultivate your own deep stillness.

It does take a commitment to learn this detailed bodywork method, but the rewards are endless and can include deep healing for yourself as well as others.

With this CranioSacral Instructional Video, you will learn how cranial, back, and sacral work can build your practice. The DVD will demonstrate how to balance the cranial bones and the sacrum using many different techniques.

Lessons are divided into separate teachings that focus on a different bones or areas of Craniosacral work. The first lessons cover the history, anatomy and technique fundamentals.

The next lessons cover working specific bones, learning their function, dysfunctions that are common, and demonstrating the technique. Advanced cranial therapy is also discussed. Great visual aids and presentation in this DVD.

This is a short video clip from the DVD:

Other Resources

You can read more about becoming certified in Craniosacral here:

The main benefit of Craniosacral therapy is that it helps to restore the natural "rhythm" within the body, that when out of certain balance, can cause symptoms of pain disorders, and eventually disease.

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