9 Hot Stone Massage Benefits ..
for real pain relief that lasts!

Hot stone massage benefits for muscles include the use of smooth, heated massage stones which are slowly glided over the skin, using warm massage oil or gel for a deeply relaxing treatment.

Stones have been known to affect clients in profound ways- emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. The deepness of relaxation with this bodywork is that profound.

10 Hot Stone Massage Benefits 

  1. Warms tendons, ligaments, and joints for massage - allowing release of tight muscles
  2. Stimulates circulatory system - encouraging better blood flow
  3. Helps detoxify the body and tone the skin - allowing skin to glow and renew
  4. Stimulates the nerve impulses on the surface of the skin - which helps relax deeper muscles
  5. Stimulates the immune system - helping to fight infection
  6. Decreases stress - and allows true relaxation
  7. Decreases pain sensations - helping to relax the nervous system 
  8. Improves digestion - reducing cramping, nausea, and constipation
  9. Lightly sedates the nervous system - which promotes very deep relaxation

Hot stone massage can be a very therapeutic treatment, as the stones are placed on specific target areas, which are rich with nerve endings and reflexes.

One of the most important benefits of placing warm massage stones on these areas is that it creates deep relaxation during the session. This treatment, when performed correctly, can actually induce a sedation of the nervous system.

The combination of quality stones and proper technique, results in healing hot stone massage benefits. When the client truly relaxes and muscles release built-up tensions, the body's natural healing ability can take place.

Hot Stone Massage Uses at Home

Hot stone massage therapy warms the body and the soul. Done in consideration of each client's health history, this treatment is usually safe for most people.

However, you should be trained in this therapy. Many use hot stones at home without having professional training. There are many things that could happen using hot stones, and proper use, in addition to watching a Hot Stone Massage DVD  gives a one the opportunity to view videos several times, which helps you memorize important steps in the treatment.

This set includes hot stone massage, facial massage with stones, hand and foot massage with stones and using stones with reflexology treatments, giving you the ability to add many services to your menu. This DVD package will provide instructions for caring for your stones as well.

To reduce the risk of burning someone, use warm massage stones rather than hot stones. Purchase a massage stone heater that you can control the exact temperature setting.

Hot massage stones (127 degrees or higher) should never be placed directly on skin without moving them. Warm stones, 120 to 127, are safer to use. Always keep a bowl of cold water beside your stones to cool them before placing on the skin.

Most treatments use basalt stones, which tend to retain heat for a long period of time. Read more about Basalt Massage Stones .

What to expect in a Hot Stone Massage Session

First, the massage stones are placed on certain areas of the body in order to warm the muscles and open energy pathways. Laying stones on these areas (such as along the spine, between the toes, behind the neck, in the palm of your hand, and on the forehead) for several minutes, allows the relaxation to begin.

The therapist will gradually remove the stones and begin gliding movements with them for several minutes, which will be followed by relaxing massage strokes.

If you have muscles that are chronically tight, the therapist may use deep tissue massage with the stones. Read more about Deep Tissue with Massage Stones

If you have areas that are inflamed or are painful or very warm to the touch, the therapist may use cool stones. Read more about Benefits of Cold Stone Massage .

Average Cost

A hot stone massage therapy session will cost $90-$125 per hour, depending on where you receive the treatment and the experience level of your therapist.

Read more about benefits at Healthline.

Hot stone massage benefits muscles in a way massage tools cannot, as it offers deep relaxation and release of tension for long periods of time, giving the opportunity to things that must be done, without the interruption of pain. 

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