How to Deal with Trauma
5 Natural therapies that help us release pain

Learning how to deal with trauma using natural therapies, allows you the freedom to face it, process it, and release it, in order to live a happy, more rewarding life.

Massage therapy techniques for release of trauma helps clients by providing a safe place to let go of the psychological effects of trauma that are often held in the mind, body and spirit, encouraging rational thinking, and the ability to return to a normal life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) effect the entire person, not just the area where injury occurred, or the time period of life in which the trauma occurred.

How to Deal with Trauma - 5 Natural Therapies

  1. Massage Therapy - Stress, trauma, anxiety, and physical injuries have effects on our mental state, and our physical health responds to those injuries. Benefits of massage allows us to totally relax and unwind, helping us rejuvenate our mental and physical state.
  2. Essential Oils - Trauma is defined as "emotional, physiological and psychological symptoms that occur as a result of events that dramatically impact the nervous system". Feeling helpless or out of control is often normal after a traumatic experience, but essential oils like Lavender and Ylang Ylang, can help us refocus and start the release of anxiety and stress.
  3. Music - Non life-threatening experiences can also produce trauma, but things like dental procedures or medical situations, minor car accidents or even a basic fall can cause traumatic injury, but music therapy can often soothe the mind and calm the spirit
  4. Long Baths - No matter how you experience trauma or injury, whether from a particular event, series of events, accident, or just being in a stressful atmosphere, the brain may feel danger for years afterward. Long, hot baths help to relax the muscles, clear the mind, and allow a good night's sleep.
  5. Exercise  - Certain things may trigger the stress as well, such as smells, sights, colors, or similar situations... all of them may be perceived as being threatening, even though the brain knows the experience is in the past. Exercise is a way to release stress, and keep the heart and mind healthy, which helps to make those triggers manageable.

Massage therapy uses non-verbal techniques to encourage healing to deal with memories that cause a "freeze" reaction. Deep breathing helps as that reaction happens, allowing a refocus and calmness into the body.

Reading is also a great way to unwind and relax. It helps keep the mind focused on the events happening in the story of the book, while helping prepare the body fo a restful night's sleep.

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A rise in suicide rates of those who serve our country in war, and those who have returned from combat areas, has encouraged health care providers to study how to deal with trauma and it's effects on our society.

Holistic therapies such as massage, are used by massage therapists, physical therapists, psychologists and physicians.

Many studies are showing that massage therapy helps to create a healing within the nervous system, allowing return to normal nerve functioning. Studies look at the nervous system's role in trauma and/or injuries, and the difference somatic therapies that can make in the healing process.

Research shows that PTSD, constant stress, and trauma effects more than mental health, it creates physical pain syndromes that increase risk of diseases of the heart, nerves and stomach.

Massage therapy may not cure health issues related to traumatic injuries, but as we learn how to deal with trauma,  we learn how to accept what is, process how to move forward, and the peace offered in a massage session can certainly start that process.

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