Natural Treatment for TMJ

Natural treatment for TMJ includes facial massage techniques and learning how to release muscles aroung the joint that cause the disorder, which many dentists, therapists and chiropractors recommend to their patients.

Because muscle pain and dysfunction accounts for approximately 85% of all pain syndromes, natural treatments are always being sought.

For those who suffer from facial muscle pain such as TMJ, headaches, migraines, whiplash, and cervical pain, finding a solution can be very challenging.

Most types of facial pain is Myofascial, yet massage as a treatment is not taught in dental school.  Dentists typically offer their patients expensive bite splints as therapy, to take pressure off the joint and to correctly align the bite. However, many patients cannot afford the high cost of this device, so massage therapy is much more economical solution.

Myofascial massage treatment causes relaxation of the muscles, and can cause an active trigger point to diminish, giving the impression that all is well.

Ignoring trigger point pain can actually cause permanent damage to muscle tissue, if no treatment is found.

Clinical studies show significant improvement in bite ability  after muscle dysfunction release. If muscles are completely “released”, pain is also significantly lowered.

When cranial sutures are out of alignment with this disorder, it causes headaches, muscle spasms, and clicking or popping in the joint. Sometimes, simply releasing the trigger points can put the joint back into alignment, and stop the symptoms.

Although massage therapists are not allowed to provide intra-oral massage, they can massage trigger points, as well as teach great at-home self-treatment for those who suffer from TMJ. 

This is a patented topical massage cream. When applied, and rubbed in well, it may significantly reduce jaw pain. It should massaged in at least 3- 4 times a day. 

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Read more about TMJ exercises that help relieve pain at

Any therapy that can help the pain and be a significant treatment for TMJ, should become a part of your therapy offerings ...a natural, safe intervention for this drugs needed!

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