Facial Massage Benefits
11 ways facial treatments help to calm our mind and body

Facial massage benefits include relaxation for face muscles and muscles of the neck and shoulders, with traditional spa facials or simple face massage techniques that you can do at home.

Most people agree that easing the fears and anxiety associated with everyday life greatly impacts quality of life, as well as our outlook on the future. And that's exactly what face massage provides!

11 Facial Massage Benefits 

  1.  Naturally relaxes face, neck, and shoulder muscles
  2.  Gently calms the nervous system
  3.  Reduces sinus congestion
  4.  Improves tone of facial muscles
  5.  Stimulates circulatory function
  6.  Reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  7.  Reduces stress and puffiness
  8.  Encourages calmness...both body and mind
  9.  Nourishes the skin
  10.  Calms emotions
  11.  Creates deep relaxation

The therapist will create a very peaceful environment for the massage. But, the most important part is for the client to shut off the brain in order to deeply relax and release tension.

In the perfect environment, the massage room should be quiet, comfortable, uncluttered and serene. 

Relaxing music should be playing and the use of essential oils or aromatherapy may be offered, or suggested for the session.

During the massage, the focus for the therapist is to be consistently present with you, the client, and to utilize various relaxing massage techniques, like using facial massage stones.

He/she may make circular motions with the stones on the face, resting them in specific areas like above the eyebrows or below the eyes. He/She may cradle the entire head to promote a feeling of security and well-being.

The therapist may also use aromatic steam on the face to help the client relax and encourage deep breathing after cool facial stones are used.

This DVD, Cool Lift Face Massage, teaches more about the facial muscles, how to use cool stones on the face, facial massage benefits and techniques, and the tips that help make the stress melt away from the tension-filled facial muscles.

Here is a demonstration of the massage: 

Among many healthy facial massage benefits, this is considered one of the best anti-aging treatments that you can give your skin. It helps to relieve stress, headaches, PMS symptoms, and helps you attain younger looking, healthy skin.

Some people choose to have the entire one-hour session receiving just facial massage, or enjoy it as a part of a full body treatment.

Many women consider facial massage to be an essential part of their beauty routine. In some countries, women get facial massage weekly to rejuvenate and restore a youthful appearance.

Types of Facial Massage

By far, face massage is the most requested add-on service in any massage practice or spa.

  • Facial Reflexology helps reduce facial muscle problems and stress lines, as well as helping to tone, lift, remove tension. This type of massage therapy works 25-27 pressure points in the face, upper body and hands.
  • Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Facial Massage is a gentle face lifting technique that uses a bronze capped massage wand with organic oils. These techniques help to improve the condition of the skin, encourage natural oils to flow freely, release tensions within connective tissue, and naturally tone muscles - all wonderful facial massage benefits for skin. 
  • Facial Cupping  teaches how to use massage cupping therapy to reduce facial puffiness, improve skin tone. reduce appearance of fine lines, and encourage sinus drainage.
  • Cool Lift Face Massage teaches how to use the warm basalt stones and cool marble stones on the face to activate 12 facial energy points. Produced by Nature's Stones Inc, this DVD comes with users manual which contains pictures of how to provide this treatment.

Steps of a basic facial massage

1) Apply a small amount of moisturizer to hands and fingers. Slowly apply circulars motions to the temples. After 5-6 circles, slow down and gently stop and hold for a few seconds.

2) Again, begin using circular motions at the temples. Move down the jawline using those same circular movements.

3) As you make your way back up the jawline, move toward the bridge of the nose.

4) Using your thumbs, slowly make light strokes toward the cheekbone from the bridge of the nose. Repeat 2-3 times.

5) Now, move toward the chin with circular motions by using the thumb and forefinger to create a sweeping motion toward the ear. Repeat 2-3 times.

6) Move toward the ears and lightly pull at the earlobes.

7) Next, use slow, gentle, circular motions around the cheekbone.

8) Move back toward temples and repeat the circular motions.

9) Next, using the entire palm-side of the hands, start at the chin and sweep the hands down toward the neck and then back up and over ears and temples, adding very light, holding pressure at the temples. Repeat 2-3 times.

Other Resources 

In addition to massage, you can learn about other facial exercises and natural solutions for wrinkle free skin to share with your clients.

Lifecell wrinkle cream is an amazing facial cream that reverses the damage caused by the sun and visibly improves the structure of the skin. It also eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin firm and improving elasticity, providing a beautiful complexion. This cream, in addition to other facial massage benefits, can help rejuvenate the face, and refresh your skin's appearance.

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