Chair Massage
and it's health benefits! 

Seated chair massage is a primary modality for therapists who love being in a different place every day. Meeting new people each day is also a great way to build a regular table massage business/clientele for the future.

In order to ensure the client's comfort, you must also be very familiar with how to adjust the chair to accommodate all body types and to ensure the best massage possible.

Massage therapists work in doctor's offices, salons, and have private practice offices, doing seated massage events on the side.

Some therapist however, just do seated massage on a daily basis, going in to a different office every day. If you plan to do this, make sure to read our massage chair reviews and purchase a good quality chair.

This massage provides stress relief for office workers who sit at a computer all day, and who often experience terrible neck shoulder and back pain because of this work. It is a convenient way to get relief without having to undress or take a large amount of time away from their work.

Here are a few tips on building seated massage clients:

1. Look like a professional - Wear scrubs or nice, spa appropriate clothing. Understand that folks may be getting massage in your chair for the very first time. Make a good impression. Wear nice tennis shoes, and make sure others see you cleaning your headrest before the next person gets on your table. Think twice about wearing perfume, heavy makeup, jewelry, or rings on your fingers.

2. Make sure you have lots of professional looking business cards and/or brochures to hand out - not something made on your computer!

3. Have a sign-up sheet where they must give name and email. This allows you to send a thank you note later and re-connect. You may even ask in the email about adding them to a list for monthly email newsletters on specials.

4. Offer a free gift with a drawing at the end of the day when doing a chair massage event. The gift can be a service from you or someone else who is trying to grow a business, like manicurist or hair salon, or just a free T- shirt from a sports team or your own business. Anything that can get you email addresses so that you can start making connections.

5. Have good hygiene - make sure you have no body odor when doing marketing events. Also, make sure you use sanitation wipes for you hands after every massage. Change your face rest cover, as well as wipe with disinfectant after each massage. Watch your breathe as well. Use tiny mints to ensure your breathe is fresh. Keep nails short...always!

6. Make sure your client is comfortable in the massage therapy chair. Learn about chairs that are easiest to adjust, so that you can make adjustments simply and quickly.

Read more tips on how to market and grow a seated massage business that will help you grow to the point of hiring other therapists to work for you.

This DVD, Mastering Chair Massage teaches not only how to give massage therapy in a chair or at a desk, but tips on how to give massage for neck, shoulder, back, and scalp ...areas where most who work at a desk all day hurt.

This is a clip of that DVD:

Many therapists start their marketing efforts using a massage chair and traveling each day. 

Other Resources:

Read more about the building a chair massage business at

Chair massage is a great way to meet new people and grow a practice, but it is also a growing type of modality for mobile massage businesses.

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