35 Massage Therapy Techniques
(for release of stress, tension and pain)

Massage therapy techniques help us release tension, stress, trauma, and pain held in the muscles of neck, shoulders, back, head, face, arms and legs in order to relax and live life. 

Just like a handyman must learn how to fix a variety of problems to repair our appliances, a massage therapist must learn different techniques of massage in order to address and maintain our bodies. 

Specific body part massage (like hands and feet) are used when there is pain associated with that body part, like arthritis, stomach cramps, or neck pain. The massage is usually focused on that one area. Learn more about How to Give a Massage for specific pain.

But, traditional spa therapies often include Relaxation, Deep tissue, or Swedish massage, and may also include Hot stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, or Pregnancy Massage.

35 Massage Therapy Techniques and Benefits

Other specialized massage techniques:

Equine Massage

Dog Massage

There are many advanced massage therapy techniques that teach stretching, pressure point, structural integration, and self healing therapies which often require travel to specialized training facilities in order to study and be observed by certified trainers and teachers.

These include:

Acupressure often uses firm pressure on specific muscle issues by using thumbs, fingertips, knuckles or elbows.

Ashiatsu - Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) is a modification of ancient styles of barefoot massages. 

Asian techniques include Shiatsu, Ashiatsu (using feet), acupressure, Tui Na, Ayurvedic, Qigong or Chi Nei Tsang, which are all different forms of Asian massage and bodywork.

Breast Massage for Cancer Patients teaches how to work with breast cancer patients in various stages of the disease.

Esalen Massage is designed to allow the body to re-connect with the mind to begin to attain true peace and serenity. Not considered one of the techniques of massage, but many therapists study it.

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You can read more about different massage therapy techniques and their benefits at WebMD.

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