Massage Therapy Jobs 
in spas, clinics, hospitals, private practice, and cruise ships!

Massage Therapy Jobs can be independent contractor positions or full-time employee positions. They may include spa jobs (as therapist, owner, or manager), mobile massage jobs, private practice, teaching CE massage classes, cruise ship jobs, health club massage or spa center, school owner or instructor, or owning a massage doula service.

Types of massage therapy jobs

Spa Jobs / Spa Owner

Spa jobs are often as a massage therapist first, and then maybe a spa manager later on after a few years of experience. Usually, you are working in a relaxing atmosphere, with good pay and very little stress.

Spa manager jobs tend to carry a little more responsibility, longer hours and require the ability to manage other people, as well as work well with the public. However, the pay scale may also be a bit higher.

Owning a spa is the dream of many massage therapists in massage school. My ebook, "Sorry, I'm Booked" will give you a better understanding of the skills and resources needed to open a day spa, or your own private practice massage studio. 

Learn how to open a spa!

Mobile Massage Jobs

Mobile massage therapy jobs include a mobile table massage business, mobile chair massage business, or mobile spa. Either of them could potentially be full-time work, with the proper advertising and marketing tools.

Private Practice

Private practice is also common for many therapists, especially after working for someone else or renting space for a few years. It involves managing the business, as well as working as the massage therapist.

You can make a great living in private practice, but marketing and advertising the business is key to it's success...especially when you first open.

Teaching CE classes

If you love the idea of teaching, and traveling is also appealing to you, becoming a massage continuing education provider may be your ideal massage job.

Once you find your niche in your work, you can specialize a technique or service and then begin to write curriculum for your class. Become as knowledgeable about your niche/technique as possible.

Cruise Ship Massage Therapy Jobs

Working on a cruise ship can be a wonderful opportunity. Again, if you love to travel, especially on the sea and to exotic locations, this may be the ideal job for you.

Often, pay is not so great on a cruise line, because your room and meals are deducted from your paycheck, however tips can be great.

Health Club Jobs

Massage therapy jobs in health clubs or fitness centers can be a good opportunity to learn a variety of modalities, as well as accumulate a specific clientele.

People who get massage in a health club are very focused on getting healthy and staying that way. They understand the benefits of massage therapy and will take advantage of your services.

Massage Franchise Therapist or Owner

Massage franchises are now a popular choice for therapists who want to own a business that provides spa services. With hundreds of franchises all across the country, owning your own business franchise can provide a lucrative salary with it's membership-driven recurring revenue.

School Owner

If this is your goal after massage school, try taking courses that teach how to speak in public, how to write curriculum, how to produce presentations with computer software programs, and take classes that teach your state's laws for the practice of massage therapy.

Massage Doula

Massage Doulas aid a mother in the delivery room with massage therapy techniques that are specifically designed to ease the tension and pain of delivery, often allowing the mother the choice of using high doses of pain medication.


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This book, Massage Therapy Career Guide for Hands-On Success provides much more information about the types of massage jobs available in the spa and wellness industry. It also provides great insight into the future of massage and where you might see massage professionals in the years to come, as well as how to choose a school, furthering your training with continuing education and marketing your business in your town or community.

Your Massage Job Interview

If you are interviewing for a massage job, these are common interview questions to study.

Massage therapy is a great profession to work in, and it is projected to be a growing field over the next 10-20 years. So, find the type of massage therapy jobs that you want and enjoy a life-long career.

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