Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a non-invasive hands-on technique performed by a certified Bowen practitioner who makes a series of short, gentle rolling moves using thumbs or fingers, with light pressure, across certain precise points on the body.

Through stimulation of special receptors in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves of the body, these gentle yet powerful moves appear to create surges of energy, sending signals to the brain for healing and recovery, which in turn balances the Autonomic Nervous System, inducing a deep feeling of relaxation and promoting detoxification of the body.

Tom Bowen of Australia developed it from 1958-1982 by working with athletes and injured laborers. Mr. Bowen had a keen interest in osteopathy and Chinese medicine, and understood the complex structural and healing mechanisms of the body.

A typical Bowen session lasts from 30-45 minutes with the client resting comfortably on a massage table. Between each series of movements is a short resting period that allows the body and brain to process the information being accessed.

Initially, two Bowen sessions are scheduled one week apart. Clients usually see significant improvement within these two sessions. Additional sessions are usually scheduled at least a week apart as needed, with most conditions resolving within 3-8 sessions. Occasional "tune-ups" are a popular way of maintaining a healthy balanced body, as a preventative measure, and for "damage limitation"!

Bowen vs. traditional massage 

Bowen often brings rapid relief and even permanent results in very few sessions. It is not painful or uncomfortable to receive, and can even be performed with the client lying on a table, standing upright or sitting in a chair. The client can choose to remain fully clothed, and no lotions or oil are ever used.

Bowen is so gentle it can be used from infancy to the elderly, the extremely fit, the sedentary or debilitated.

Bowen is gaining Worldwide recognition among athletes. Many of the Olympic 2010 Gold and Silver medal winners acknowledge that Bowen was an important part of their program - both pre- and post-training, and when sustaining injuries.

Interestingly, too, It is commonly noted that athletic performance rates often peak following Bowen treatments. Many professional International sporting organizations now have a Bowen therapist assigned to the squad

Is Bowen Therapy practiced in medical institutions?

Yes, Bowen is being used in many UK, New Zealand, Australian and some American hospitals. In the Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA, some occupational therapists are now incorporating Bowen in their practice, too. Many medical doctors have now started to take the training and incorporate Bowen into their practices.

Barbara Cheryll Hillier, LMT is a Senior Instructor for Bowen Therapy Training in Orlando.

If you want to learn this therapy at home, this DVD, Miracle Pain Relief-The Gentle Power of Bowen teaches how to perform this therapy in a spa, clinic or home spa setting.

Many massage therapists are being trained in Bowen Therapy as a complimentary therapy to massage for clients, and finding that clients respond very well to it's gentle pressure movements.

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