Alexander Technique
and why posture matters!

Alexander Technique is a method of self-care that teaches how to function with less strain, and to change bad posture habits, through massage continuing education classes.

The teacher of the technique helps a student create new ways of thinking and moving that help improve performance and mobility, and relieve the pain of stiffness, stress, and tension.

This technique can help you to become more aware of balance and teach correct posture education and proper ergonomics, while performing everyday functions.

It also helps you to notice tensions in your body that you have never noticed before, tensions that many times lead to illnesses and disease.

What happens during a lesson 

In a lesson, you learn postural education, ways to release muscle tensions as well as how to perform everyday functions with less strain and tension build-up in the body.

The instructor may teach you how to walk, sit, or stand in ways that will put less strain on your muscles, joints and bones.

You do not remove your clothes, although, you may be on a table for at least part of the session, so you may want to wear comfortable slacks.

The sessions are not painful, in fact they are quite relaxing.

The teacher will study your posture and watch how you move. He/She will use their hands with very gentle, light movements on your neck, shoulders, head and back to discover your breathing and movement patterns.

How long do the lessons last?

A lesson usually lasts between thirty and forty-five minutes. It will probably take 2-3 lessons for your instructor to determine how many lessons you will need, however, for most people, 20-25 is an average number of lessons to help correct bad posture habits.

This video talks more about AT:

How much does the lesson cost?

An average cost of a lesson usually runs $30-$45 per 30 minute appointment. Prices will vary depending on where the teacher is located and how many lessons you will need.

This Alexander DVD teaches you how to perform the techniques at home that will help you have less pain, and also correct bad posture habits for a healthier life.

Learn more about Alexander here.

Although Alexander Technique is not considered one of the traditional massage techniques, it is often a training that many therapists choose to study in addition to massage therapy in order to help clients understand the importance of bad posture habits.

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