Active Isolated Stretching :
Benefits for Your Muscles

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique where muscles are actually stretched in specific directions to prevent muscle damage and encourage muscle release before certain types of massage therapy sessions.

The theory behind AIS is that if a muscle is stretched too fast, too far, or for too long, it begins a protective action known as the myotatic reflex, causing it to automatically recoil in an attempt to prevent the muscle from tearing.

Marjorie Brook is an Advanced AIS Practitioner,and International Educator/Therapist. She is the founder of Brook Seminars and has taught active isolated stretching techniques to individuals and therapists for many years.

With the writing of two sets of manuals, Marjorie shares what years of experience have taught her about stretching techniques, and their benefits when added to massage therapy sessions.

The Personal Set (with a blue cover) of manuals teaches individuals, active folks, and athletes, and the Professional series (with a black cover) teaches massage professionals and other types of health care providers.

The manuals are easy to understand, user-friendly, and include great pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to get the best results for themselves or their clients.

Marjorie gives instruction on body mechanics and preventing injuries, with tips on how to benefit from many types of massage therapy and stretching.

Flexibility First is system to help achieve and maintain physical balance. Different manuals provide instruction on stretching different parts of the body.

It simply teaches you how to stretch each muscle, and how to re-train injured muscles to perform the way they use to perform.

This video clip shows Marjorie Brook demonstrating some of the stretching techniques that her manuals teach.

Benefits of Stretching in massage

  • Allows better circulation - allowing blood to flow more freely, which means more blood entering and exiting the organs, which means supplying them with more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Provides space and blood supply to nerves - and possibly preventing impingement or restriction
  • More blood supply to the heart - by stretching, contracted muscles press on veins, and adds more blood supply to the heart
  • Easier movement - well stretched muscles allows us to move freely
  • Increased air supply - proper stretching around the rib cage allows more air to be in the lungs

Marjorie Brook's manuals Flexibility First: A Fitness Approach For Life will teach you how and why active isolated stretching can not only help your muscles, but also prevent future injury.

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