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Essential oil benefits include relaxation and stress reduction, but they can also be a healing support system for our bodies that enable us to fight infection with scientifically proven results.

Because essential oils are derived from the liquid of different parts of plants (like seeds, flowers, or leaves), they are very aromatic and more potent then a similar dried herb.

Because of this, many essential oils need to be diluted with a quality carrier oil before use. 

Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Some of these oils are so powerful that you should just need one or two drops of oil to get their healthy benefits. They provide healing and support for all body systems, as well as much-needed emotional and mental support for the body.

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can be used:

  • Topically - through acupuncture, massage, heat or cold packs, or diffusing in a bath or shower
  • Aromatically - with a diffuser, vaporizer, or by wearing it as a perfume
  • Internally - using orally by cooking in food

Note:  Most brands of essential oils in stores, even health stores, are not safe to be used internally

This essential oil starter kit includes the best essential oils money can buy, with specific instruction on how to use and for what purposes they  can be most beneficial for your everyday health, at-home Aromatherapy and massage techniques. 

Science’s new biological understanding of essential oil benefits for improving immunity and treating pain, certain medical conditions, and disease are becoming more evident all the time.  

Understanding essential oils natural healing properties, and how they offer many advantages over drugs are becoming well-known. 

Many oils offer simple recipes for strengthening the immune system, and treating common ailments like colds, flu, herpes, and candida, as well as how to best use them in a massage therapy session. 

When essential oils are partnered with massage therapy it creates a relaxing environment that promotes healing and homeostasis in the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils naturally aid the body in returning to and maintaining equilibrium.

While many research facilities study essential oil uses and benefits for the human body, massage therapists, aroma therapists, and natural health practitioners use them for healing everyday with very positive results. 

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