Lemon Oil Uses
10 ways it helps anxiety, sleep issues, and illness

Lemon oil uses include some of the most wonderful benefits of any essential oil, as they offer help to ease anxiety, improve sleep, reduce illness by fighting cough  and congestion, as well as it's use as a household cleaner.

In the rind of a lemon is a chemical called Limonene, which makes up 70-80% of this essential oil. Limonene is powerful. It is being studied in many areas of the world for it's antitumoral and antibacterial properties.

Lemon oil, also known as Citrus Limonum, is one of the most widely used essential oil in the world. It is included in household cleaners, skin and hair products, detergents, and food/drink products.

But now, with the growing interest the the health benefits of essential oils, it is being studied for it's use as a natural way to fight illness and disease.

A few studies include those for breast health, for eye health, and a general look at essential oils as Anti-Cancer fighters.

10 Lemon Oil Uses

  1. Skin - in addition to being a natural astringent, it also helps to restore brightness to dull skin, rejuvenating the surface, and helping to give a more youthful appearance - Vitamin C content helps too
  2. Anxiety and Depression - because this oil has a uplifting, sunny scent, it helps lift moods and calms the nervous system
  3. Immune System - because of the high Vitamin C content, this oil can be added to water or other drinks to not only add flavor, but a stimulation of white blood cell production, and increases ability to fight illness and disease
  4. Respiratory Disorders/Asthma - because this oil helps clear sinuses and nasal passages, it helps to regulate breathing and natural air flow
  5. Sleep - Offers relief for those who suffer from insomnia, and allows a restful, deep sleep
  6. Stress - this oil promotes relaxation of the nervous system, allowing release of tension. anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and depression
  7. Stomach - used as a natural treatment for indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, and cramping, lemon essential oil benefits and eases many stomach issues
  8. Hair - lemon oil is a great treatment for hair, adding shine and lush to dull, over-treated hair. Combine a 1/4 cup of olive oil with about 5-6 drops lemon oil, heat in microwave for 20 second and you have a nice, hot oil treatment. Leave in for 20 minutes and wash hair. Your scalp will thank you. Great for dandruff too.
  9. Improves concentration - just inhaling this oil helps with concentration and clear thinking, thereby offering greater alertness, positive thinking and emotion
  10. Room freshener / Cleaner - add a few drops to vents or air purifiers to have a fresh lemon scent in your home. It can also be added to coconut oil and used to polish furniture or disinfect surfaces or cutting boards. Do not use on granite or natural stone.

Cautions for using lemon oil

Like other citrus essential oils, this oil is safe for aromatherapy, pregnant women and babies, but for more sensitive skin, irritation can occur, so avoid direct sunlight when using lemon essential oil. This is called phototoxicity, and it causes a slight redness that looks similar to mild sunburn.

Avoid any type of allergic reaction by diluting essential oils and do a patch test on your skin before applying it to a larger area.

Lemon oil is not safe for use on pets. Some oils can have a toxic effect when inhaled or ingested by animals. Think about your furbabies that may be near you when inhaleing aromatherapy.

How to safely use lemon essential oil

Lemon oil uses include diffusing it or applying it topically.

When diffusing essential oil:

  • Put three or four drops in the water of the diffuser 
  • Make sure it is in a well-ventilated area
  • Limit use to 30 minutes

When using essential oil topically:

  • Mix it with a carrier oil in a 8/1 solution, 8 part carrier/1 part essential oil
  • Test the mixture on a small area of your skin before applying on a larger area 
  • Watch for irritation for several hours to be sure it is safe
  • Make sure you wash the solution off before going into sunlight

Why Use Carrier Oils for Most Lemon Oil Uses

Lemon essential oil is generally safe to use directly on your skin with a carrier oil.


  • Carrier oils are less-concentrated oils and won’t harm the outer layers of your skin
  • Quality carrier oils like almond, jojoba, and coconut are really good for you skin, and offer other health benefits
  • Carrier oils don't interfere with the lemon essential oil benefits
  • Carrier oils prevent irritation of skin.
  • Lemon essential oils contain elements that are unstable, which mean they can oxidize, so a carrier oil mixture is important 

How to buy lemon essential oil

There are many quality brands of essential oils that claim to be "best", but some have  ingredients in addition to the oils, like chemicals, synthetics, or additives.

As a general rule, look for:

  • an essential oil that is cold-pressed and 100% pure
  • where the oil is sourced - supplier/distiller relationship
  • how long has the company been in business
  • does the company offer customer service
  • does the company use 3rd party testing, and do they share those results
  • do they clearly explain the quality standards and production ethics

Where to buy the highest quality lemon essential oil

There are many quality essential oils to consider, but top brands online include:

Aside from these lemon oil uses, this oil is often included cosmetic, food, and health and beauty industry in products like soft drinks, candy, perfumes, soaps, face washes and skin care products. 

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