13 Sandalwood Oil Benefits
(Best health benefits for 2020)

Sandalwood oil benefits include it's ability to provide a deep sense of calmness and provide ability to think clearly, decreasing stress, and feeling less overwhelmed

Although not the most floral scent in essential oils, Sandalwood oil is best known for the  profound effect it has on the overall feeling of well-being and positive mental health.

It takes the Sandalwood tree 40-80 years to grow large enough for the roots to be harvested for production of this oil. With it's sweet and woodsy smell, it is no wonder it is used as a base fragrance for many perfumes, colognes, aftershave and incense.

Because this oil is a natural antiseptic, it can be used for cuts, wounds, bruises, insect bites, fungal infections, and scabies. 

The most powerful property of this oil is santalum album, Indian Sandalwood, and it is also one of the reasons this oil is one of highest priced oils available today. It is considered to be high quality and one of the purest oils money can buy, and is considered a natural alternative to traditional medical therapies.

13 Sandalwood Oil Benefits

  1. Boosts Mental Clarity - helps to think more clearly (often used in meditation, church, spiritual, and prayer rituals
  2. Anti-viral - naturally aids the body to fight viruses
  3. Helps Control Cough - aids as expectorant when inhaled on hands or on tissue
  4. Natural Aphrodisiac - naturally increases libido
  5. Astringent - naturally helps with scars, acne and other minor skin issues
  6. Skin Care - used in many skin care products (mix with a few drops of coconut oil for a great beard oil or add to hair conditioner for a scent that lasts all day)
  7. Improves Blood Circulation - naturally aids in increasing circulation
  8. Reduces Stress - relaxing, calming and lowers anxiety and stress levels
  9. Reduces Inflammation - naturally fighting insect bites, psoriasis, common warts and eczema 
  10. Anti-Aging- naturally high in antioxidants, it helps reduce free radicals
  11. Increases Energy - gives the mind and body a natural boost

Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

  1. Beauty - As a booster for dry skin, it can be combined with coconut or almond oil to help improve dry, damaged skin
  2. Cleaning - Sandalwood oil can be used as an antiseptic to disinfect around your house
  3. Relaxing - It is known as a great oil to use for relaxation and stress relief, helping us to focus and think more clearly - Also great to put in a foot bath
  4. Diffusing - Diffusing Sandalwood oil in your home helps to clean the air and reduce daily stress, helping to breathe deeper, and relax the mind and body 
  5. Sleeping - helps relieve insomnia and improve sleep patterns
  6. Calming - reduces anxiety, and helps calm the mind and body
  7. Controlling Emotions - strongly affects the limbic system, which controls our feelings and emotions

Sandalwood is often used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine because it is thought to be helpful to so many mental and physical disorders. From it's uses for anxiety to gallbladder, liver, indigestion and insomnia, this oil is a must-have for anyone wanting a healthy essential oil for the home.

Learn more uses for this healing oil. Read more about Sandalwood oil benefits on the Healthline.com site.

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