Lime Essential Oil Benefits
9 ways it may help you live a healthier life

Lime essential oil benefits include preventing signs of aging, reducing fever, easing pain of toothache, increasing appetite, aiding in preventing viral infection, and reducing joint and muscle pain. 

9 Lime essential oil benefits

  1. Infection and Healing of wounds - because of its antibacterial properties, lime is an excellent oil for minor wounds, scrapes and bug bites to help expedite the healing and prevent bacteria from setting up.
  2. Cold and flu - helps fight viral infection like flu, but helps fight common cold too
  3. Relieves stress and tension - helping to relax our mind and body
  4. Oral pain relief - helps relieve pain associated with toothache and gum disease, but it can also help fight bacteria that causes the problem in the first place and makes gums and teeth stronger and healthier in the process
  5. Digestive health - helps to fight food poisoning, increase appetite (great as one recovers from surgery or illness), and also helps with digestion by stimulating digestive juices
  6. Congestion or Bronchitis - inhaling helps to treat painful chest congestion or flu or bronchitis - justin hale from your hands, a towel, or through steam
  7. Skin health - because it has astringent properties, like is great to help fight acne, but also mixed with a moisturizer for anti- aging benefits, but be careful to not spend too much time in direct sunlight after using to avoid irritation
  8. Stress and anxiety relief - lime is a wonderful oil to use for helping reduce stress, anxiety, and tension as it offers a fresh, relaxing aroma that can ease worry quickly
  9. Hair tonic - helps treat scalp problems like dandruff, but also adds shine and help revitalize dull, dry hair naturally

Lime essential oil uses

The properties of lime oil are antiseptic, astringent, disinfectant, bactericidal, antiviral,  and restorative. 

It is extracted by steam distillation of dried lime peel or by cold compression of the lime peel.

Some of it's most common uses include:

  • Massage therapy - often added to oils and lotions to create an uplifting aroma to the session, but great for achy muscles too
  • Scalp treatment - added to shampoo, it helps fight dandruff and helps rejuvenate dull hair
  • Inhalation- inhaling this oil helps resolve respiratory issues, but also relaxes the body 
  • Topically- used to treat cuts, scrapes, and wounds
  • Diffusing - again helping respiratory issues, but also helping us fight stress and anxiety

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Precautions with lime oil

  • Not suited for those with sensitive skin - best to dilute with a carrier oil before use
  • Should not be taken internally- as with most essentialouls
  • Avoid using in direct sunlight or right before going out into the sun to prevent a skin burn or rash and it has been recommended to avoid sun for 24 hours after using this oil

With the many lime essential oil benefits and uses, this oil is growing in popularity with consumers who search for alternative healing to avoid popping pills.

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