Sage Essential Oil Benefits

Sage essential oil benefits include it's ability to help with digestion, breathing, nervousness, skin texture, and fungus infection, but it also helps prevent bacterial infection with powerful force. 

This oil is known for uplifting spirits, reducing mental fatigue, nad purifying negative emotions, making it the perfect oil for home and work settings.

Sage, also known as Salva Officinalis, is often used in skin care products, beauty products, and various types of cosmetics.

It is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves of a sage plant, and has a warm spicy scent. It contains a chemical called thujone (about 50% of sage oil is thujone), which is a natural substance found in plants like cypress, juniper, mugwort, oregano and sage.

10 Sage Essential Oil Benefits

  1. Antifungal - fights both external and internal fungus infections
  2. Antibacterial - fights both external and internal bacterial infections, but also fight viral infection
  3. Digestive Health - fights indigestion by secreting bile and gastric juices to break down food
  4. Fever - helps reduce fever and inflammation to fight infection
  5. Stimulates - helps stimulate body system functioning and increase the senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch
  6. Disinfectant - because of it's antibacterial properties, this oil is great to disinfect and kill germs
  7. Aids Menstruation -  helps regulate cycles, resolve pain, headaches, and mood swings during periods, and resolve obstruction
  8. Antioxidant - used in many anti-aging skin care products for it's ability to reduce oxidants or free radicals, which cause many signs of aging (sagging and wrinkles). Also used in age spot creams
  9. Expectorant - helps relieve cough and other respiratory disorders like asthma or congestion
  10. Spiritual Health - used to enhance a positive spiritual awareness, reduce negative emotion, and promote feelings of support, protection and comfort

History books tell us that sage essential oil benefits have long been considered good for the body and the mind. While it is often compared to clary sage (Salvia sclarea), both do come from the same evergreen shrub family, but are very different from each other.

Both essential oils have a yellow-green color, but sage has a strong, spicy scent, while clary sage has a sweet, nutty aroma. Because sage essential oil may be considered strong, clary sage oil is often used as a substitute in many spa or salon businesses, for it's lighter, milder aromatic properties. 

Many studies have been conducted using Sage Oil, and the positive results it can have on our overall health has been positive, but now it is being studied for it's ability to help those with memory disorders, depression, diabetes, and cerebral ischemia.

As we learn more about the natural sage essential oil benefits, we may understand why herbalists and natural medicine practitioners use it so often to help with many different types of illness and disease, maybe because it really does work.  

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