Geranium Essential Oil Benefits
15 benefits for anxiety, acne, menopause, and many other health issues

Geranium essential oil benefits include it's ability to help with symptoms of menopause, balance hormones, reduce anxiety, clear acne breakouts, and help promote a deep state of relaxation in aromatherapy treatments.

Used in many perfumes, skin care products and cosmetics, geranium oil has a sweet, rosey smell that is lightly scented, and has an uplifting, energizing aroma. 

It is created by grinding the flower, leaves and stalk of the geranium plant into a fine powder, and extracting through steam distillation.

The properties of this oil make it great for use in fighting emotional, mental, and physical ailments.

15 Geranium Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

  1. Improves Blood Circulation
  2. Fights skin problems like acne and dermatitis
  3. Combats menopause symptoms like hormone imbalance and mood swings
  4. Reduces Inflammation
  5. Helps fight depression
  6. Helps reduce stress
  7. Reduces appearance of wrinkles by tightening facial muscles- use 2 drops in moisturizer or face lotion and apply morning and evening
  8. Helps to tone muscles - use 3-4 drops in a lotion or cream that you apply daily
  9. Fights infection - this oil has antibacterial properties that help fight infection in cuts, wounds, incisions, skin irritation, scars and many other skin disorders
  10. Promotes blood clotting - this oils causes blood vessels to contract, promotes formation of blood clots, and stops blood flow
  11. Improves Mental Function - this oil has properties known to improve mental awareness, critical thinking and overall well-being as it lifts spirits and creates calmness and peace
  12. Reduces muscle pain caused by tension - add 3-4 drops to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and massage the pain away
  13. Helps fight respiratory infection - use in a diffuser or inhale 3-4 times per day, or apply topically to throat and /or nose to fight infection
  14. Detoxifies - by acting as a diuretic, this oil increases production of urine and helps the body to eliminate toxic waste
  15. Natural bug repellent - helps repel bugs that bite, but also is great for bites that have already occurred to prevent itching and pain 

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Geranium oil is sometimes compared to rose oil as they have very similar components and therapeutic traits, like citronellal, nerol, and limonene, but this oil has the perfect combination.

Because of all of this oil's benefits for mind and body, it is the perfect oil to use in massage therapy. It not only aids in healing, but helps to promote a peaceful, relaxing state of being, helping the client to release stress and tension.

Geranium essential oil benefits are so numerous that it is hard to not use this oil for optimal health benefits and overall well-being. 

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