10 Rose Oil Benefits
for anxiety, skin care, and relaxation!

Rose oil benefits include it's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used in daily facial care products, but it can also  decrease anxiety, create calmness, and affect psychological and emotional health by uplifting spirits.

It is extracted by steam distillation, often from the Damascas (Bulgarian) Rose, as they are the most aromatic and have the highest oil content. This rose is grown primarily in middle east countries.

10 Rose Oil Benefits

  1. Decrease Anxiety  - helps to calm nervous system, calm the mind, boost confidence, and promote mental awareness
  2. Reduce Inflammation - calms areas that are highly inflamed due to fever, wounds, arthritis, gout, or scar tissue, promoting healing
  3. Acts as Astringent - helps stop bleeding wounds, helps gums with oral disease, eases acne breakouts
  4. Skin Care - perfect oil for stretch marks, surgical scar tissue, acne scars, and age spots. Helps revive skin by promoting bright, youthful skin appearance
  5. Helps Heal Wounds - keeps wounds from developing infection and/ or sepsis
  6. Reduces Bacteria - helps eliminate internal digestive bacteria in stomach and intestines, but also good for external use around eyes, ears, and skin wounds
  7. Relaxes nervous system - promotes calmness and relaxation, relieving nervousness,  and anxiety
  8. Helps fight depression - lifts mood and spirits and increases mental strength and alertness
  9. Deep Relaxation - aroma of rose oil helps relax the mind, body and spirit, to create a health state of peace. Also promotes sleep for those with insomnia.
  10. Purifies - helps remove toxins in blood to protect body from skin disorders, rashes and ulcers

Rose oil uses

This essential oil helps to regulate and balance hormones naturally, which promotes regular menstruation, helping relieve mood swings, irritability, overeating, cramping, and bloating.

The aroma makes you feel energetic, positive, happy and loving, as it is a common aphrodisiac. It encourages blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and helps relieve headaches.

Large amounts of rose petals are required to yield a small bottle of oil, and the concentration can be volatile, as with most essential oils, so use with caution and moderation, and it is recommended to never use during pregnancy.

Read more about the health benefits of this oil, and it's effect on the mind, the spirit, as well as the body.

Rose oil benefits are unlike many other oils, but it is most widely used for relaxation, to help heal wounds, help fight infection, and to aid in female reproductive health problems. 

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