13 Chamomile Oil Benefits
(for boosting immunity and reducing chronic pain)

Chamomile oil benefits include it's antiseptic and antibacterial medicinal properties, as it is high in manganese, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Chamomile oil is derived from the daisy-like chamomile flowers and is known for promoting sleep and reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.

Because this oil is a natural anti-inflammatory can be used for cuts, wounds, scratches, scars, ulcers and bruises, and has been referenced in ancient medical journals in countries all over the world. 

The most powerful property of this oil is chamazulene, which helps to make it a useful alternative to traditional medicine therapies, acting as a protective agent against cell damage. Chamazulene is also found in Blue Tansy essential oil.

13 Chamomile Oil Benefits

  1. Boosts Immune System - helping you fight illness
  2. Helps Indigestion - naturally aids the body to break down and eliminate food
  3. Helps Control Diabetes - aids in controlling blood sugar
  4. Helps Chronic Skin Irritation like Severe Acne - helps clean pores of impurities
  5. Reduces Headache - naturally eases pain
  6. Helps Respiratory Issues - naturally aids in breathing issues
  7. Soothes Back Pain - naturally fights inflammation and eases pain
  8. Rejuvenates Skin - aids in circulation and creates a more youthful glow
  9. Improves Blood Circulation - naturally aids in increasing circulation
  10. Reduces Stress - lowers cortisol levels to naturally help lower stress
  11. Reduces Inflammation - naturally fighting areas that are warm and inflamed
  12. Promotes Sleep - acts as a natural sleep aid and helps you rest
  13. Increases Energy - gives the mind and body a natural boost

Types of Chamomile Oil

There are two types of chamomile oil:

  • German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita or Chamomilla recutita)
  • Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile or Anthemis nobilis)

These two plants are similar in benefits and uses, but different in appearance. Also, their chemical composition of ingredients is different, with the active ingredient, chamazulene, being a higher content in German chamomile.

Chamomile Oil Uses

  1. Use Topically - as a massage oil (a few drops of chamomile added to 1/4 cup of carrier oil, like coconut, almond or jojoba), in a body lotion, or add to a warm bath
  2. Topically for Stomach Upset - Chamomile oil is also used to treat indigestion and other stomach troubles like nausea, cramping, diarrhea, and gas 
  3. Topically for Irritation of Skin - For severe acne, chamomile with a carrier oil like jojoba, has shown it's anti-microbial properties fight Staph aureus, which is the cause of severe acne
  4. Topically as Anti-inflammatory - It has been known as a great oil to use for pain, from headache to back pain 
  5. Inhalation as Aromatherapy - Diffusing chamomile in your home helps to reduce anxiety, daily tensions, reduce depression, relieve stress, and  relax the body. 

Chamomile oil cautions

Avoid using Chamomile oil on :

  • Pregnant Women
  • Babies
  • Pets
  • Folks with allergies to ragweed, daisies, or marigolds 

Signs of allergic reaction: hard to breath, sneezing, rash, coughing, throat swelling, nausea, watering eyes, or diarrhea

Learn more uses for this healing oil. Read more about chamomile oil benefits on the Healthline.com site.

Chamomile oil benefits digestive issues, acne, sleep disorders, and pain, but it's most wonderful benefit is the ability cause a deep relaxation, allowing the body to rest and the mind to calm.

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