9 Grapefruit Essential Oil  
benefits for mind and body!

Grapefruit essential oil benefits include it's ability to help fight depression and anxiety, easing tensions and energizing the spirit, which is a perfect example of why essential oils are now being recognized as healthy additions to our everyday routines.

With just one "whiff" of grapefruit oil you experience a tangy, sweet aroma that is energizing and refreshing. No wonder so many massage therapists use this oil in their massage sessions!

This oil is often used in cellulite massage treatments because it stimulates circulation and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Grapefruit is popular because it has the ability to detox the body of toxins, eliminate water, and totally cleanse the lymphatic system - wonderful essential oil benefits of citrus.

9 Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

  1. Energizing - with it's sweet citrus smell, it provides energy therapy
  2. Fat Burner - naturally detoxes and increases circulation to help eliminate fatty deposits
  3. Astringent - great for oily skin and hair
  4. Anti-depressent - naturally lifts the mood
  5. Diuretic - naturally aids in bowel movement and intestinal cleansing
  6. Anti-oxidant - reduces free radicals that can damage the skin
  7. Natural medicine - Naturopaths and herbalists use this oil in medicinal treatments as an anti-septic and for respiratory problems such as bronchitis or asthma. It is often used in a vaporizer or inhaled in a steam bath to aid in breathing.
  8. Massage Therapy - Because of it's mood enhancing properties, grapefruit is often found in many facial massage treatments, as well as body wraps and scrubs.
  9. Helps Fight Disease - This oil contains Limonene - studies are now showing that d-limonene may actually help us fight colon, stomach, liver and pancreatic cancer

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This oil is expressed from the rind of the grapefruit and is steam distilled to create the essential oil. Some forms of the oil are extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, or flowers of the plant.


Although this oil is generally safe to use, it is recommended not to use it on young children.

Use only therapeutic grade essential oils for the greatest health benefits.

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The RMO Grapefruit essential oil has a sweet, citrus smell that makes it perfect for use at home, for medicinal reasons, or as a relaxing addition to oils or lotions that you use in massage therapy.

Whether you are using it in your diffuser to make your house smell wonderful, as a natural alternative to ailments, or in a massage therapy setting, grapefruit oil can help the mind, body and spirit heal and revive from everyday stress.

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