Massage Insurance Billing
what it can do for your business and clients!

Massage Insurance Billing doesn't have to be something you wish you could do to get more clients in your massage therapy practice. It can actually be much easier than you think with one of the best massage therapy classes for continuing education. .

If you been thinking of what your practice would be like if you accepted insurance for your massage services, taking a class that would teach you how to do this easily and efficiently might help you obtain the clientele you need, and it's always a nice way to market your services, when you can say you accept most insurance plans. 

Your clients have probably already asked if you take insurance if their physician writes them a prescription for massage.

You may have not even thought of this at all or heard rumors that it is just too much of a hassle, or not worth all the time it takes to learn the process, but think of the possibilities if it were fairly simple.

With our economy today, therapists and many other types of businesses are looking to promote their services, and this may give you the edge to offer the ability to file insurance for your services.

Many therapists report that when they started accepting insurance, their business became the profitable practice they always dreamed it would be, helping you have a sustaining massage business.

Learning more about insurance billing, the types of companies that will pay, how to stay away from those that don't, how to document services correctly, what a “clean claim” is and why it's important, using the right codes, what to do if your treatment coincides with a physician's diagnoses, and many other lessons on geographical and payable servies.

With this book by Vivian M. Mahoney, Manipulate Your Future; A Comprehensive Guide To Medical Massage Insurance Billing, you can learn how to accept insurance, bill correctly and grow a repeat clientele.

You will learn how to get doctors to happily refer patients to you, how to talk to established clients or new patients about insurance billing, and how to handle more money coming into your practice.

Billing insurance does not have to be hard work, endless paperwork, and hours of your time. It can be about the better income you will have, the feeling of helping others who otherwise would never know the benefits of massage therapy, and realizing you don't have to worry about what will happen from day to day and if you are going to survive.

When done ethically, accurately, and timely, massage insurance billing can be a life changer!

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