How to Open A Spa....
and make it a huge success!

If you want to open a spa, you have the potential to build a thriving business that will give you great personal and financial success.

How to open a profitable day spa!

Spa jobs include spa manager, office personnel, massage therapists, hairstylists, manicurists, and aestheticians.

Why start a spa business?

  • Freedom of being your own boss
  • Satisfaction of knowing your spa services help people
  • Ability to make your clients feel healthier and happier
  • Making a great salary for yourself and your family
  • Providing other professionals the ability to make a great salary
  • Working in a relaxing environment
  • Ability to enjoy your spa's services anytime you like

"Spa" in Latin means "water". Although water treatments (usually called hydrotherapy treatments) are offered by many spas, you also might choose to offer a variety of other services like:

  • Massages and Body Treatments
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Facials and/or Skin Care Services
  • Hair Care Services
  • Hydrotherapy Services (showers, jacuzzi tubs, pools)
  • Refreshment Services (food/drink)

Patrons sometimes stay at spas for hours, even days if you are a resort spa and have private rooms available.

Spas that offer services that last for a few hours (say for a facial, manicure, pedicure, and/or massage) are known as day spas. Spas that offer the stay-over or hotel-like accommodations are known as destination or resort spas.

Spa businesses are part of a rapidly growing industry that generates over $11 billion per year in revenue. But, careful planning and marketing is a key factor in the success of your business.

Basic steps to Open a Spa Business

  • Create a business plan for your spa (Include name, detailed estimation of start-up costs, how you will finance the business, lists of equipment and supplies that you will purchase, hours of operation, how you will manage your staff, website design (SBI! is great), brochure for listing services and prices, business cards, etc.)
  • Do some research in your town to see if the business can succeed
  • Decide what services you will offer and what spa jobs have to be filled
  • Secure/Lease a convenient location (close to interstate highways and lots of other prosperous businesses)
  • Consider buying an already established spa business, franchise, or mobile spa
  • Obtain all state and local licenses required for you business
  • If remodeling your business space is required, choose who will do the work and have legal papers signed as to when the work will be completed and to what specifications
  • Decide where you will buy supplies and estimate costs - both weekly and monthly
  • Write down your personal and financial goal for the business (Include 6-month goal, 1 year goals and 5 year goals)
  • Decide how you will advertise and build your clientele
  • Decide how you will handle maintenance issues/hire a maintenance person/crew
  • Advertise and get the word out that you are looking for people to fill your day spa jobs. Hire experienced people who already have a clientele. Make sure you have dependable, experienced, hard-working folks to help you start a day spa , as there may be lots of things that are not familiar to you.
  • What type of program will you use to keep track of your inventory?
  • Will you serve refreshments to clients who are there for an all-day spa experience? 

This highly rated book, Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success, helps you learn the ends and outs of the spa industry, how to save money, organize expenses, hire dependable staff, create a clientele, organize appointments, and manage all other accounts related to the business.

It will save you the expense of the many "try and fail" chances with it's experienced guidelines. Start your venture with the confidence of knowing you will be successful when you open a spa business.

Many service providers do very well in the spa industry, but you have to be prepared for unexpected expenses and economic down-turns.

If you have a genuine caring heart for people, and an effective business guide, your goal to open a spa and ensure it's success will be a rewarding and profitable venture, for you and those who work for your spa.

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