Massage Therapist Jobs
 spas, private practice, wellness centers, health clubs, and hospitals!

Different types of massage therapist jobs can be found in spa, hospital, salon, and private practice settings around the world. Because of this, massage professionals are advertising massage services in many ways: newspapers, billboards, websites and social media, just to name a few.

But, how do you know which type of massage therapist to call?

For many who look for a massage therapist for the first time, they perform an internet search, ask their doctor, or ask friends and family.

After having a few names, a telephone conversation, asking specific questions about their training, will provide an understanding of their knowledge and education, as well as the personality of the therapist.

Ask about what types of massage that will help you with your specific health problems? Many techniques take months to study and learn, and therapists should communicate information about their training during that first telephone conversation.

Types of Massage Therapist Jobs:

Salon or Spa Therapists

Massage therapist jobs in salons or spas are often providing relaxation types of massage such as Swedish, Hot Stone, body scrubs and hand and foot massage treatments. These are typically the kind of settings where folks seek relaxation techniques.

Spas employ therapists in massage/spa positions, as well as spa manager positions. A spa manager usually has many years experience as a therapist, but is also familiar with the business aspect of spa work.

Opening their own business and becoming a spa owner is another choice for many therapists. This allows them to manage, without the daily "wear and tear" on the hands and wrists.

Clinical Therapists

Doctor's offices, chiropractor's offices, health centers and hospitals usually have therapists trained to work with a specific population of folks. For instance a massage doula will work with mothers who are in active labor, assisting the mother with massage of the back, legs and hips.

Or, a therapist who is trained in oncology massage, may assist patients who are receiving chemotherapy or have scar tissue pain and swelling after surgery.

Hospital massage practitioners are usually trained in medical massage therapy, which offers training in working with different medical issues found in a hospital or health care setting.

Sports Therapists

Practitioners trained in sports massage are often working with professional athletes or sport teams at events, but also in preparation for sporting events, as well as after the event, in order to prepare muscles and reduce the risk of injury. These massage therapist jobs can also be found in training centers, health clubs, and private practice, as well.

Energy Work Therapists

For those who are trained in energy work techniques such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Chakra alignment, or Healing Touch, healing takes place when proper energy flow (called Qi) is restored. These techniques usually do not require the physical touch of the therapist, just their energy.

Equine Therapists

Therapists who work with horses providing massage are referred to as Equine massage therapists. They may work with racing horses, horses who are giving birth, horses who have had a recent surgery, or horses who just want to be pampered by their owner. These therapists are often found in racing communities or areas with lots of horse farms.

Rehab Therapists

Physical therapists or rehabilitation centers will often hire massage therapy professionals to assist them in their work. At some of these centers, massage therapy services can actually be billed to the client's insurance.

Elder Care Therapists

These therapists can often be found working in large senior citizens centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals and hospice facilities. Elder care therapists are trained specifically to work with the older population in various setting, even in the home.

Chinese Medical Massage Therapists

For centuries, massage therapy has been considered a part of Chinese Medicine. Folks trained in Chinese Medical Massage techniques are often taught in rigorous, medical settings, with many hours of specialized training in Tui Na, acupressure, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, and many other ancient Asian therapies.

Private Practice

Massage therapists jobs are found all across the world, in large cities and small towns. But, keep in mind that private practice therapists are often found through physician referral, and therefore, don't really advertise their services much.

Specialized Trainer

Some therapists have training in advanced massage therapies, which require many hours of specialized sessions in various clinical settings. These folks often travel and teach others their skills in continuing education classes.

Cruise Ship Therapists

Cruise ship jobs are another option for some new therapists. It's a great way to see the world and some beautiful places, however the work is often with very long hours and strong encouragement to sell products to customers.

School Owner

Some therapist choose to open a massage school and teach. This usually requires some financial backing, as well as a few years in various massage therapist jobs, to develop the skill and confidence to teach others.

Mobile Therapists

Mobile massage jobs are common with therapist who enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis. This requires transporting supplies and a table or chair everyday, but the money is often worth the physical efforts.

This book, Massage Therapy Career Guide for Hands-On Success teaches about what a career in massage therapy is all about, what different types of massage jobs are and what they pay, and how to be successful in whichever job you choose for a life-long career.

Choosing a job can be easier than you think when you consider all the places you can find massage therapist jobs.

Just remember to ask your friends and family for advice on where you could work. This is usually the best way to find the job that's best for you.

Ask lots of questions when you interview for massage therapist jobs so that you are comfortable with the job, the people, and the career that you have chosen.

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