Mobile Massage Jobs
mobile spas, chair massage in offices, and spa parties!

Mobile massage jobs include working for or owning a mobile massage therapy business, mobile spa, spa party service, offering massage doulas services, teaching continuing education classes, or owning a seated chair massage business.

But, marketing and advertising a mobile massage business can be as exhausting as the work itself.

Here are a few tips :

1. Start your mobile business by identifying your "target market”; then create a name for your business.

2. Open your business account at the bank. You may also want to apply for a business credit card in your business name.

3. Determine if your business is a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Corporation for tax issues.

4. Decide what your hours of operation and payment terms (cash, personal checks, credit card, etc.) will be for the business.

5. Get your Malpractice Liability Insurance thru AMTA, ABMP or other companies.

How to market

When the business name is decided, get some business cards. Have a printer make them or do it yourself.

Create a Facebook business page and actively participate in conversations about the business.

Join the Chamber of Commerce or business professional group in your community. Begin networking with other businesses in your area.

Add your business information to all the online Massage Therapy directories you find.

What to charge

Make some calls to determine what the other massage professionals charge in your area. Take into consideration however, the skills you have, and decide if you will charge more or less than their rates.

Buying supplies

Purchase a good portable massage table or chair, depending on which you will use. Most therapists have both.

Purchase a good brand of massage oil, gel, lotion &/or cream.

Your massage tools, massage stones, or manual equipment can be bought later. Your massage table sheets and face rest covers are both essentials at the start of the business.

Also, ensure your vehicle is in good condition before starting your mobile business.

All mobile massage jobs have the potential to be regular, full-time work, but, there are negative aspects:

1. Transporting and carrying all your massage equipment and supplies

2. The danger of going into homes of people you don't know

3. Wear it takes on your body to carry, set-up, take-down, and clean supplies after working

4. Cost of advertising your services, gas, wear and tear on your car, and extra supplies

But, there are some very positive aspects of owning a mobile massage therapy business.

1. You actually charge more because you take into consideration travel time, gas, wear and tear on your car, extra time needed for set-up and take-down, and extra supplies

2. You provide a great service to the client in their own home, or vacation home, which allows them the opportunity to go directly to sleep after their massage session.

3. If you live near a resort or tourist town, you can actually advertise through hotels, cabin rental agency, restaurants, and other popular businesses. Tourists are always looking for spa services.

4. Mobile massage jobs can give you the flexibility to work only 3-4 days per week, if you want. They might be long days, but you still have that ability.

5. Once you are established as a good, dependable business, you can hire others to work for you, as you manage the business.

Things to purchase for mobile massage jobs:

  • Lots of business cards-putting them wherever you can put them
  • Brochures-again putting them wherever you can!
  • A portable credit card processor
  • A lightweight aluminum-leg massage table
  • Plenty of massage table sheets
  • A massage table cart to transport your table easier
  • A suitcase with wheels to transport supplies easier

Tips for starting your business and staying safe:

1. When you can, have a second set of supplies, as well as a second massage table in a regular office space in order to build that private practice business also. You will get tired of moving stuff back and forth and it will save wear and tear on your body as well.

2. Develop a personal security system so that someone always knows where you are or where you are suppose to be at all times

3. Have a cell phone with you at all times

4. Set your fees for mobile massage jobs higher than you planned. It is worth it to those who want good massage therapy, especially if they are on vacation. You will be glad you did when you realize the energy this type of massage therapy business takes.

5. Learn new therapies to grow the business and you can eventually teach your staff how to do them also

6. When you do hire new staff to work for you, hire therapists that have experience in modalities that you don't. Teach each other. You develop more of a team spirit this way.

7. Build mobile massage business by doing chair massage in a busy area like a mall, airport, visitors center, or other busy shopping/tourist areas. Hand out business cards, brochures about the mobile massage jobs you offer, key chains or whatever else has your business name and telephone number.

8. Have clients pay before the massage-tips can be given afterward.

9. Offer specials for 4 or more people and/or include aromatherapy or hot stone massage (just using them on the back) in the session for free with your mobile massage jobs

10. Carry pepper spray (except for a kids party....never carry it there) and keep it in a safe place beside your keys in a secure location in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation 

Spa Party for Kids  

Offering spa parties for kids is another great way to build a mobile massage business, and hiring employees who do so much of the work for you, is a huge plus.

These parties are great especially if you live in a large city or are close to a large metropolitan area.

Take caution and ensure that plenty of adults are present, especially for massage services! Children should never be undressing for massage at these parties. Often face, neck, and shoulder massage is all that is provided.

Do not do this type of business without taking proper precautions to ensure total safety of the children you will serve. 

This book, Mobile Massage Therapy Business teaches steps on how to start a mobile business, how to build a clientele, marketing your services to folks who will use you, and how to hire employees who will stick with you as you grow.

Read more tip on starting a mobile massage business at AMTA.

Mobile massage jobs are a great way to offer massage and spa services to a busy, always-stressed world, and they allow you to be your own boss, and hire other employees to provide the services, while you manage the business from home! 

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