Massage Marketing for a Successful Business

Massage marketing does not have to be something that you dread the thought of doing. It can actually be fun!


Think about the clients that you have helped.

Think about someone who came to you in terrible pain and left your office feeling so grateful because the pain was gone.

Think about the pregnant women who come for massage. Maybe they haven't slept well for days or they are having painful edema in their legs and they slept through the entire massage.

Keep these people in your mind if you are having a difficult time speaking to people about your services.

If you're thinking about how to market your services, market from the perspective of the client who was given relief from pain. Be genuine and promote your needed services that actually help people in need.

Massage marketing by modality


  • Pregnancy- Mommy groups, OB/GYN Offices, Pregnancy Forums online, Specialty Shops with baby furniture, clothing, etc.
  • Infant- Pediatric Offices, Specialty Shops with baby furniture, clothing, etc., Day Cares, Baby Forums online, Midwives, Massage Doulas, Mommy groups
  • Fibromyalgia- Fibromyalgia Support Groups, Arthritis Specialists, Internal Medicine Doctors,Fibromyalgia Forums
  • Craniosacral Massage-Chiropractors, Physicians, Health Stores
  • Fertility-Fertility Specialists,fertility Support Groups, fertility Forums online, OB/GYN offices
  • Breast Massage - Cancer Specialists, OB/GYN Doctors, Breast Cancer Support Groups, Breast Cancer Forums online
  • Dog Massage / Animal Massage - Vet Offices, Rescue Center, Animal Shelters, Pet Stores, Pet Parks/ Recreation Areas
  • Equine Massage- Horse Farms, Riding Stables, Equine Chiropractors, Horse Supply Stores, CO-OP 's, Vet Clinics

Where do I start?

Step 1 - Realize -The best massage marketing tool- IS YOU!

Buy scrubs and wear them. Dress like the healthcare professional that you are.

The more you dress, act, talk and look like a healthcare provider, the more you think of yourself as a healthcare provider.

Step 2 - Invest in free advertising!!

Take care of already existing clients by offering incentives, like $5 off their next massage for referring a friend or a free foot scrub with a one hour massage if someone in their family makes an appointment with you.

Marketing massage through social media, if done from an educational perspective, can also be very profitable for your business.

Step 3 - Establish professional relationships

Join business and professional organizations in your town or community and get to know people that can help you grow your business. If they have an already established clientele, they know lots of people and they can refer clients to you.

Remember the business owners' names , as well as the names of their spouses, children and co-workers. Write names down if you need to, but remember those names.

This lets them know you are a true, caring community friend that is genuine and it will make them want to be around you, because you know the people around them.

Step 4 - Purchase massage marketing tools that can be given away free to potential clients

My personal favorite? Carabiners with your business name and telephone number. People use them as key rings. They always have their keys, and that means they will see your name and number often.

Our Massage Marketing Tools page will give you more ideas about the specific tools to use to market yourself and your practice.

The Marketing Massage Online page will help you understand the importance of building a good website and how easy it can be to build it yourself.

From the basics of becoming a professional therapist, to marketing services for a specific clientele, learning successful marketing massage strategies provides a good way to start and maintain a successful career in massage.

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