Massage Video Clips 
that teach techniques of massage and pain relief!

Massage video clips provide education on massage techniques without attending a class, but they are also helpful for those who just want to learn more about massage therapy from home.

For just about every type of massage therapy out there, there is a video that shows and explains how to provide the massage. Many are detailed explanations of not only how to perform the massage, but about the health benefits of the massage for the receiver.

Massage Video Clips and their Benefits

  1. Foot Massage Video - teaches types and techniques of foot massage
  2. Hand Massage Video - teaches types and conditions treated with hand massage
  3. Back Massage Video - teaches different types of back massage
  4. Thai massage video - can teach you why Thai Massage is so often used in the spa industry, how and why it helps patients with stress and pain, and how easily you can learn the work at home.
  5. Japanese massage video can teach about the ancient art of Shiatsu, Ashiatsu or Zen Shiatsu, which is becoming a popular form of Japanese massage in spas.
  6. Oriental massage video - may include ancient massage techniques, like Chinese massage, or Chinese Foot Massage Pressure Points

There are massage video clips about how massage can help various medical conditions a well, showing in detail how to help decrease pain and speed the healing process.

If you are new to massage therapy, and want to read about specific massage techniques, as well as watch the massage videos about them, you can find lots of information on our "Types of Massage" page.

Read more about the history of massage in ancient civilizations.

Although, nothing compares to learning in a live classroom, most therapists are not able to take the time away from their practice and family.

However, the ability to actually earn a massage therapy certification in a specialty, (usually only given through a live class) is what will make you more reputable with the healthcare community in your city. Get as much training in the technique as possible.

Another benefit to learning through massage videos is that you can review the video anytime you want to get a refresher on performing the technique. Many massage therapists have a library of DVD's for this very reason.

The more you know, the more massage video clips you watch, the more you can help those around you who suffer in pain.

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