Interviewing for Massage Jobs ...
and the questions they may ask!

When you are interviewing for massage jobs that you really want, be prepared by studying the most often asked questions, and land the job by knowing what answers are the best!

The most desired jobs for therapists often involve helping patients recover from illness and injury, helping with stress relief, helping promote relaxation on vacation, and helping to relieve pain.

The highest paying jobs massage therapy offers are those where other therapists work for you and you manage the business. If you have a spacious facility, can manage a large group of employees, and are located in a affluent area, you could make a great living. 

However, some self-employed therapists, who work out of a home office, with very little overhead, do well also.

Whether you want to work in a spa or own a mobile massage business, do clinical/medical massage, infant massage, equine massage, prenatal massage, reflexology, massage doula, teacher, school owner, CE provider, or any other type of massage therapist, becoming the expert in your niche of massage therapy is critical.

For whatever type of massage therapy job you want, look professional and be prepared for your interview. 

These are common questions that are often asked when interviewing for massage jobs:

1. What school did you attend?

Employers want to know this because massage therapy schools will often have reputations for teaching certain types of massage, as well as how in-depth they teach, how accurate their teachings are and how long you studied (and how much hands-on experience you've had in) massage therapy.

2. When did you graduate? When did you get your license?

Spa managers and owners want to know when you finished your formal massage training in order to adequately assess your experience. In comparison, they need to know when you actually received your license in order to understand and ask questions about any long time period between the two.

3. What types of massage jobs have you had in the past?

Of course, this is to ensure you are qualified for the massage jobs that are being offered.

4. What type of massage techniques do you enjoy the most?

Again, this will not only guarantee you are qualified for the job, but might also give the manager ideas of other services to offer at his/her business.

5. What type of clientele do you like to work with?

This may mean what "type of technique" you prefer to perform or it could mean " elderly, women only, men only, pregnant women, etc.

6. Do you feel you have a role in the healing of your clients?

Of course, you want to answer "yes" to this question. But, maybe go a little further to explain your views of the "mind, body, spirit" connection. Or, perhaps the benefits of massage for specific pain syndromes or medical conditions that you have worked with or would like to work with.

7. Describe your ideal work environment.

The interviewer is trying to understand if you are a good fit for his/her business. If you want to be in a low-key salon and she/he has a fast paced work environment (hope that is not the case), you want to know this upfront.

8. What is your vision for yourself in the future with massage therapy?

They may be looking to see how far you want to go in your massage therapy career and in their company.

9. What do you think is the future for the bodywork profession?

Do you think the profession will continue to grow as it is estimated? Will the need arise for more different kinds of massage jobs?

10. Do you belong to any associations?

They want to know if you have your liability insurance, if it is up-to-date and if you network with others in the profession.

11. Do you do any volunteer work?

It might be that they are looking to market the business and want to know if you are willing to help by doing free massage. Let them know you are, but there are limitations.

12. What other massage jobs have you held in the massage profession?

Have you ever been a manager, receptionist, done any accounting/bookkeeping work in a spa or private practice?

13. Are you a team player?

Do you work well with others and keep the "for the good of the company" attitude alive at all times?

14.Do you think massage school has prepared you to work here?

You may want to discuss how many "hands-on" hours of massage you had and the therapies you learned. Be familiar with the services they offer!

15. Why do you want to work here?

Be specific and honest here.

16. Do you get regular massage?

This says you really believe in the benefits of massage therapy for overall good health.

17. Do you have a private practice?

Managers often need to know if you will be competing with them for clients.

18. What goals do you have for the future?

Do you want to teach, open your own school, have your own private practice? Be careful here, competition is not what they want!

19. What continuing education classes would you most like to take and why?

Managers hiring for massage jobs are looking for ideas of new services to offer or maybe want to see how ambitious you are.

20. What makes you uncomfortable in a massage session?

Looking for answers like "any inappropriate movements or language". They want to know how you would deal with these issues, and you want to know before you work for them how they expect you to handle these situations.

This book, Marketing Massage: From First Job to Dream Practice teaches you more about how to prepare for a massage establishment interview, resume tips, and marketing techniques for just about every type of massage therapist job and/or service. It provides information on different massage techniques that employers search for when hiring therapists for a spa or wellness facility.

Be prepared for an interviews for massage jobs by rehearsing your answers to these questions and any others you think you might be asked.

For whatever type of massage jobs you explore throughout your career, take pride in knowing you are helping others relax, release stress or worry, and ease the pain of tired muscles.

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