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Apr 11, 2021

How to Grow a Business (7 DIY Must Have tips)

Free DIY tips on how to grow a business with websites, social media, SEO, and sales funnels that can grow your business through a pandemic, or any economic disaster

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Mar 19, 2021

Spa Add On Services (29 Services that Add Big Bucks)

Massage and spa add on services include hand and foot spa treatments, facial massage services, hair or scalp treatments, lip scrubs, and other relaxing enhancements

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Jan 29, 2021

Using Facebook for Business (13 benefits of ads and socializing)

Using Ads on Facebook for business is one of the smartest ways to market your business, and with our secret tips, you can have the clients you need, the business you've dreamed of, and the income you desire, for years to come

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Jan 24, 2021

Massage Tools (8 Resell Products that bring in Big Bucks)

Massage tools and other resell products allow the therapist to retail products used in the massage, or products for clients to use at home to help them relax

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Jan 24, 2021

5 Self Massage Tools (Best of 2021)

5 Self massage tools (2021) for self care at home or at the office to help relieve tension filled muscles, aches and pains, and release stress to continue living your life

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Jan 24, 2021

Massage Marketing for SEO (6 Money making tips)

Detailed list of massage marketing SEO ideas by modality, location, and online along with step-by-step instructions for building a thriving business massage

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Jan 23, 2021

Marketing Massage Therapy with LinkedIn

Marketing massage therapy with LinkedIn allows the therapist to share a resume, job experience, and communicate with other massage professionals. You can share continuing education training courses

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Jan 22, 2021

Emu Oil Benefits (6 healthy beauty benefits)

Free list of the 6 most popular emu oil benefits including it's ability to ease the pain of arthritis and sunburn, skin smoothing gel, facial moisturizer, and as one of the best massage oils.

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Jan 17, 2021

How to Build Business Website [7 easy tips to get customers]

Free tips on how to build business website that are super simple and easy to learn, with techniques that help you get traffic, build your customer base, and business

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Jan 16, 2021

Massage Therapy Career Niche (19 Bring in Big Bucks)

Tips for marketing your massage therapy career niche, with steps to finding the niche that's right for you, classes to take, and big social media marketing tips

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I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising my business in newspapers, only to get a few clients, that may or may not return and become a regular customer, and it almost drained me financially.

Finding a way to build my business online for free became my only goal, and I spent many hours studying how folks grow a business with little-to-no money through social media.

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