Benefits of Bath Therapy
By: Paula Hernandez

The benefits of bath therapy, as an add-on to a massage service, or as a nightly ritual in your home, includes the body's ability to deeply relax, as water reduces stress and anxiety in the body and calms the nervous system. 

A world tradition


Taking a bath is not only to rid your body of dirt and sweat. It can give you many benefits to your mental health and your body; the best part is that you only have to rest, so the benefits of bathing flourish. This beautiful way to improve your well-being has been used since the ancestors for more than 5,000 years. Bathing had a powerful meaning in Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Japan. It was associated with divine principles, health, beauty, and social well-being. 


The Egyptians believed that bathing was a way to heal and clear old energy; they used oils, perfumed ointments, milk, and honey. In Japan, they believed that bathing cleansed the body and the spirit by using local additives such as seasonal fruit or herbal leaves such as green tea to detoxify the skin. Ancient Romans built thermal baths in the empire and elaborate public baths that played an influential role in citizens’ social lives. The ancient Greeks dedicated their baths to deities and considered bathing a sacred practice. 


Using water to enhance health has been around the world for centuries, and it will continue to be. It is an activity that can be done almost anywhere, in your favorite spa, in your home, or when you travel. 


Therapeutic Benefits of Bath Therapy

Benefits that a therapeutic bath will bring to you 


A therapeutic bath is a combination of water and additives to increase people's health. It is incredible what bathing can do for you. Experts mention that bathing reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia by calming the nervous system, promotes the healing of wounds or infected sores, relaxes muscle tension, blood pressure, circulation and the skin, and more.


Your experience will depend on the temperature of the water and the additives you add. There are many different ingredients that will help you have a nice moment of self-care: saltwater, honey, essential oils, flowers, and scented candles to make your bath more luxurious. We´ll guide you in this light and fun article. We will share bath ideas to increase your health and your experience by having a very relaxing time. 


Calm the nervous system 


Water reduces levels of stress and anxiety in the body and calms the nervous system. Experts say that hydrotherapy is very good for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis as the temperature and pressure of the water gently help relieve the spine of pain and discomfort. Basil, rosemary, lavender and chamomile essential oils can help you to relax your nervous system. 


Relax muscle tension 


If our body remains in one position for a long time, those who are athletes, or as we age, the muscles contract and can cause discomfort and pain, a bath with hot water can be a good option for your muscles to relax and release any tension, the hotter the better (as long as it is a suitable and bearable temperature) 


To augment the relaxation of your muscles you can add Epsom salt, if you have sensitive skin there are a lot of options that are made without essential oils.  Menthol and peppermint are also very good for tired and aching muscles because it produces a cooling and pain-relieving effect.


For the Circulatory System


Water adds pressure on the body and your heart pumps faster, this way circulation oxygen travels to all your organs, tissues and muscles. According to some experts, warm water allows blood to flow easier, hot temperatures can lower blood pressure, saunas and hot baths can reduce the risk of heart trouble. 


Balance hormones 


Taking a cold bath can enhance the balance of the hormones released by the pituitary gland. Epsom salt is a good element to help you equilibrate your hormones, you can also use lavender, geranium, and thyme essential oils. 


Create the perfect bath experience 


Now that you know the benefits of bath therapy, we invite you to create harmony and a unique experience of self care by adding some additional elements to your bath. 


Other than water, lighting is the most important element to have a unique experience of self care treatment so choose your favorite candles, if they are scented candles will help you to build the atmosphere you are looking for.  Make sure to add enough candles so you can turn off the light and you will have the perfect experience. 


Beauty treatment 

Bathing is a very effective element to beauty for various aspects of your body, like your skin and hair. Here are some of the known benefits of bath therapy associated with beauty baths.


·       Exfoliators: The hot temperature of the water will open your pores, making your skin easier to clean and exfoliate; you will eliminate the dead skin and have softer skin as soon as you remove the material. 

·       Masks: You can use them for your face or hair; they are usually a hydrating treatment.

·       Flower petals: Cut fresh petals from flowers eliminating the stems and leaves, you can also use dry lavender, and your bathtub will look just beautiful. 


Bath accessories 

You can always decide on adding some fun accessories to your bath. You can be listening to music and choosing a good book to read. A bath pillow can complement your relaxation and promote mindfulness. You are certainly guaranteed a good time while the water and the additives take effect on your body and your mind.


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