Spa Add On Services

Peppermint foot and hand scrubs are amazing spa add on services that can bring in extra income to your practice, and make a big difference in your bottom line, but there are so many other options for additional ways to make bigger profits.

Never thought about adding 15-20 minute services to your menu? Consider what those services could add up to:

  • $20 for an extra 15 minutes added on to a one hour session, 10 times per week, adds $200 onto your bottom line for that week, that's $800 more per month, and $9600 more per year
  • A $30 service added on to a 60 minute session, 4 times per week, adds $120 on to you weekly pay, $480 per month, almost $5800 more per year

Massage and Spa Add On Services that Add up to
Big Buck$

Although some add on services are specific to the type of spa, or the area in which the spa is located, these services are traditionally found in many types of spa and massage businesses.

  1. Hand Spa Treatment - often a hand scrub is used, sometimes essential oil, like lavender, or peppermint is used, and removed by a warm, wet towel, followed by a warm dry towel and then hand massage
  2. Mini-Facial - a super relaxing face treatment with massage face lotion, circular stokes, often using cold massage stones, and a warm, wet towel, followed by relaxing face massage
  3. Body Scrubs - using either a sugar or brown sugar scrub, along with relaxing essential oils, the treatment involves applying the body scrub, removing it with a warm, wet towel, and followed with massage
  4. Hot Oil Scalp Treatment - an awesome treatment applying warm sesame oil, followed by relaxing head massage
  5. Lip Treatments - using a sugar scrub, lip exfoliation is a growing treatment trend in spas, and involves applying lip scrub, exfoliations, removal with warm, wet towel, and followed with gentle massage with lip balm - great for dry, chapped lips
  6. Sauna Treatments - because saunas cause us to sweat, they help release harmful toxins from our bodies, ease muscle pain and tensions, clear the skin, and helps us release stress - much like massage therapy, so it would make sense that they work so well together. This can be a sauna tent, it doesn't have to be a sauna room.
  7. Foot Spa Treatments - with an exfoliating sugar scrub, an essential oil (often peppermint), removing with a warm, wet towel, and followed by relaxing foot massage, this treatment is a very popular add-on service in a spa or massage practice.
  8. Hydrotherapy or Jacuzzi jetted tub - this experience certainly adds to the massage experience, and the client's ability to relax during the massage session
  9. Hot Stone Massage - nothing is more soothing than the feel of hot stones gliding over tired, overworked muscles, and adding hot stone therapy, even if it's just on the back, can make a huge difference in the depth of relaxation the client experiences

Resell products can also make extra money for a massage practice, especially if they are products you have used on the client during the massage session, like essential oils, body scrubs, body butter, massage tools, BioFreeze/Cryoderm, hot/cold packs, or handmade products that can be retailed.

Read more about low-pressure selling in your spa or massage business.

Whether you choose to resell products in your practice or not, massage and spa add on services truly make a difference in the bottom-line income for your business, and more importantly, add amazing much-needed relaxation time for your clients.

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