Spa Add On Services

Peppermint foot and hand scrubs are amazing spa add on services that can bring in extra income to your practice, and make a big difference in your bottom line, but there are so many other options for additional ways to make bigger profits.

Never thought about adding 20 - 30 minute services to your menu? Consider what those services could add up to:

  • $30 for an extra 20 minutes added on to a one hour session, 10 times per week, adds $300 onto your bottom line for that week, that's $800 more per month, and $9600 more per year
  • A $40 service added on to a 60 minute session, 4 times per week, adds $160 on to you weekly pay, $480 per month, almost $8320 more per year

Massage and Spa Add On Services that Add up to
Big Buck$

Although some add on services are specific to the type of spa, or the area in which the spa is located, these services are traditionally found in many types of spa and massage businesses.

  1. Hand Spa Treatment - often a hand scrub is used, sometimes essential oil, like lavender, or peppermint is used, and removed by a warm, wet towel, followed by a warm dry towel and then hand massage
  2. Mini-Facial - a super relaxing face treatment with massage face lotion, circular stokes, often using hot or cold massage stones, and a warm, wet towel, followed by relaxing face massage. This can be combines with facial steaming and/or facial reflexology.
  3. Body Scrubs - using either a sugar or brown sugar scrub, along with relaxing essential oils, the treatment involves applying the body scrub, removing it with a warm, wet towel, and followed with massage
  4. Hot Oil Scalp Treatment - an awesome treatment applying warm sesame oil, followed by relaxing head massage
  5. Lip Treatments - using a sugar scrub, lip exfoliation is a growing treatment trend in spas, and involves applying lip scrub, exfoliations, removal with warm, wet towel, and followed with gentle massage with lip balm - great for dry, chapped lips
  6. Sauna Treatments - because saunas cause us to sweat, they help release harmful toxins from our bodies, ease muscle pain and tensions, clear the skin, and helps us release stress - much like massage therapy, so it would make sense that they work so well together. This can be a sauna tent, it doesn't have to be a sauna room.
  7. Foot Spa Treatments - with an exfoliating sugar scrub, an essential oil (often peppermint), removing with a warm, wet towel, and followed by relaxing foot massage, this treatment is a very popular add-on service in a spa or massage practice. It could also be a simple foot soak in a jetted foot spa.
  8. Guided Meditation - with the use of a 30 minute meditation program, clients can relax and continue their session by staying on your table after the massage is over, for an add-on service that allows additional reflective healing.
  9. Hydrotherapy or Jacuzzi Jetted Tub - this experience certainly adds to the massage experience, and the client's ability to relax during the massage session, and with added aromatherapy from essential oils, it becomes the perfect add on service.
  10. Hot Stone Massage - nothing is more soothing than the feel of hot stones gliding over tired, overworked muscles, and adding hot stone therapy, even if it's just on the back, can make a huge difference in the depth of relaxation the client experiences.
  11. Back Facial- If your client is dealing with back acne, blemishes, or a dry, itchy back, you can offer them a back facial, reminding them of the exfoliation benefits they would enjoy. You could also explain how a facial for the back is similar to a regular facial in that you cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturize.
  12. Eye Treatment - often called an "Eye Lift Treatment" or "Collagen Eye Treatment", massage therapy for around the eye is perfect for undereye bags, dark circles, or puffiness, a quality cleanser and serum helps stimulate and firm the muscles around the orbital bone, drain excess fluids from around the eye, reduce puffiness and brighten dark areas while reducing the signs of aging. Cold marble stones are great for around the eye treatments too.
  13. Oxygen Therapy - because oxygen goes deep within the skin to enhance blood flow and strengthen collagen from the inside out, oxygen treatments are becoming extremely popular in spas. Using oxygenated water—H20 that boasts additional, pressurized oxygen. Aging, pollution and spending increased time in enclosed, air-conditioned environments means that many of us are not receiving enough oxygen during daily life. Oxygen-infused facial massage treatments, oxygen bars, and oxygen rooms are all the rage as spa add-on services.
  14. Aromatherapy - Adding essential oils is an easy and common add-on therapy, but it's what you do with the oils that make it truly relaxing. Put a few drops of eucalyptus on your hands and have client inhale before you even start the massage and/or end the massage, as well as adding essential oil to you carrier oil, cream, or lotion. Learn more about essential oil benefits in order to cater your aromatherapy to the client's needs.
  15. Anointing the feet - A ritual in many cultures, this service is often adored as a sacred start or finish to the day. This is considered by some to be a spiritual act of gratitude. You can show your gratitude to each of your clients by soaking their feet at some point during their visit. Adorn foot baths with anything from flower petals, to sprinkled herbs to rubber duckies. Or, toss in a small exercise ball so they can give themselves a foot massage. Complement the soak with a drink to sip while they relax. Try detoxifying with a 10 minute warm soak with two tablespoons of rock salt; or freshen up feet in a warm soak with pine, tea tree and lemongrass oils; or cool hot feet with peppermint and eucalyptus oils. 
  16. Herbal Poultices - Introduce mini poultices as enhancers to any treatments. Pack tight aromatic herbs and spices in a muslin parcel weighing about half a pound. Steam for five to 10 minutes and use as 30-60 second compresses anywhere on the hands, feet or body as remedies for any number of conditions. Try turmeric and lemon grass for anti-bacterial and astringent properties during a back treatment for acne; or camphor and chamomile for minor skin irritation or infections on the feet during a pedicure; or rosemary, German chamomile, juniper and lavender for joint and muscle pain and inflammation on the hands during a manicure.
  17. Body Splashes - Anywhere your client can stand naked and splash themselves with sensual and exotic ingredients, and relax for 10 minutes to let the experience resonate, can make for an unforgettable add-on to any body treatment, massage, facial or hydro treatment. A cool, creamy yogurt splash will hydrate and nourish; grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin essential oils with pomegranate carrier oil will wake up and re-invigorate; and roman chamomile, sandalwood and patchouli essential oils with jojoba carrier oil will relax, stabilize and ground.
  18. Hand Holding - While this service may not be for everyone, holding and massaging hands is a natural way to develop a quiet, meaningful connection. Sometimes, those who are coming in for spa treatments can be nervous. You can combine a hand rub recipe with hand-holding and massage techniques and watch a sense of peace and serenity come over your client. Their face softens, their posture relaxes, and their breathing eases. Blend avocado, oatmeal, almond, and olive oils until smooth, and drizzle in warm water until the consistency of thick pudding forms. As you perform your massage, deliberately pause at the end of each movement and hold for 10 seconds. Squeeze and hold your client's fingers, compress their hand between your two hands, cup the client's two hands in yours, intertwine your finger with your clients, and hold. Use your senses to guide you to the level of intimacy that is most beneficial. This treatment will not only calm and connect the participants, it will exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize too.
  19. Facial Steaming - Facial steaming is commonly used during facial treatments, but this can be a wonderful add on by itself, or a mini treatment that can bring about instantaneous results. You can clear the sinuses and alleviate headaches with a peppermint and rosemary steam; calm a cough and soothe the throat with a sandalwood steam; or reduce facial swelling with grapefruit, juniper and cypress oils, which all have diuretic properties. Facial steamers are not expensive either.
  20. Dry Brushing - Wake up your clients to this healthy ritual, and sell them an all-natural bristle brush to carry through the benefits at home. Dry brushing rejuvenates, increases circulation for better metabolic behavior, helps rid the skin of accumulated toxins, improves muscle tone, stimulates cell renewal, smoothes the skin, and more. In some cases it can even be more beneficial than scrubs or exfoliants. Incorporate it into facials, manicures, pedicures, massage, body treatments, or really anywhere you see fit.
  21. Functional Beverages - Spas are continually upping the ante with what they are choosing to serve at refreshment bars. Functional beverages were introduced a number of years ago, with a range that encompasses numerous store-bought brands, to recipes you personally formulate in your juicing machine or blender. From a simple squeeze of a nutritional supplement into a glass of water, to a blender drink that is customized to your clients needs, this can become an impressive complement to the treatment she is about to have, or just had. 
  22. Sage-Burning Spiritual Enhancement - a sage smudging ceremony before a massage involves burning the sage, and using a feather to distribute it throughout the room, which helps to clear the client's mind and rid the space of negative energy.
  23. Hot Stone Foot Massage - using hot basalt stones, this therapy is super relaxing during or after a massage, and followed by warm, wet towels and relaxing foot massage.
  24. Steam Canopy - perfect for a body detox treatment on the massage table, either before or after a treatment
  25. Mud Bathes- the mud is a mix of mineral-rich substances such as seaweed, volcanic ash, or clay, combined with warm spring water to create a thick paste. It can actually be in a tub, or rubbed on the body and removed with warm, wet towels, followed by massage. Warning: this is messy if given on a massage table.
  26. Vichy Shower or Bath Soak Therapy -  simple, luxurious treatment that is perfect after a body scrub, or mud bath treatment - but they are expensive if you are in a private practice. If you only have a regular shower, consider adding homemade aromatherapy shower bombs to the experience, as well as a luxurious shower head like a waterfall, or rain shower head fixture.
  27. Reflexology - this can add at least $30 - $40 on to the price for a 30 minute add-on treatment, and it pairs well with any type of massage therapy service. Consider learning facial reflexology as well, as it can make for a very relaxing treatment.
  28. Heat Packs - these are great for those who have chronically tight muscles, especially in the back, as the tend to relax those muscles in preparation for massage treatment.
  29. Hair Cream Bath - Hair massage rituals are the focus of spas in Asia, and are fast becoming popular worldwide because of conditions like hair loss, dandruff and dry hair. A traditional hair cream bath is a two-step process. First, you want a custom designed oil treatment to apply to the scalp and roots of the hair. Warm some macadamia oil, or any carrier oil you prefer, with your choice of essential oils at a two-to-one ratio. For hair loss, add rosemary, juniper, or lavender essential oils to the carrier oil; for dandruff, add tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary or cedarwood; for dry hair, add sandalwood, geranium or lavender essential oils. Part the hair, smear the oils along the scalp lines to cover the entire head. Next, you need your rich conditioning cream base to apply on the hair. You can use either a manufactured product, or create your own naturally formulated base, experimenting with such ingredients as coconut milk, egg, mayonnaise and others, to arrive at your desired result. You can then spike it with additives for specific client hair conditions, such as seaweed to enhance hair growth; or avocado and aloe vera as hair food. Apply your cream bath from the roots to the tips of the hair. Massage the scalp to help absorb both the oil treatment and the cream bath. Apply a hair cap or steamed towel, and leave on 20 minutes. Shampoo or let you client shower, if you have these amenities, to remove all oily traces. As the hair is drying, consider a hair perfuming, which is smoking the hair with incense.

Resell take-home products can also make extra money for a massage practice, especially if they are products you have used on the client during the massage session, like essential oils, body scrubs, body butter, massage tools, BioFreeze/Cryoderm, hot/cold packs, or handmade products that can be retailed.

Read more about low-pressure selling in your spa or massage business.

Whether you choose to resell products in your practice or not, massage and spa add on services truly make a difference in the bottom-line income for your business, and more importantly, add amazing much-needed relaxation time for your clients.

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