11 Shea Butter Benefits

Shea butter benefits include it's ability to help our skin avoid dryness, wrinkles, and stretch marks by adding natural moisture, replenishing damage of sun and dry heat. As one of the most widely respected natural beauty products, shea butter is in many homemade lotions, lip products and salves.  

11 Shea Butter Benefits

  1. Natural cuticle cream - thick cream for healthy, strong cuticles
  2. Natural facial moisturizer - excellent daily moisturizer for dry skin, but also helps makeup last longer throughout the day
  3. Massage cream - used as a natural alternative for long-lasting massage cream
  4. Body moisturizer - great for use as overall moisturizer for skin
  5. Homemade deodorant - base ingredient for deodorant made at home
  6. Stretch marks- helps with pregnancy stretch marks and belly dryness
  7. Wrinkles - helps fight wrinkles around eyes and lips - great all-natural eye cream
  8. Lip moisturizer- great for dry,  chapped lips
  9. Baby moisturizer - great used by itself for all- natural moisturizer for babies
  10. Homemade Body Butter - great for natural, homemade body butter recipes
  11. Scars - facilitates collagen production to help heal and fade scars

3 Main Shea Butter Uses

  1. Smoothes skin -  perfect for daily moisture or after a body scrub
  2. Natural moisturizer - in lieu of traditional lotions, for use on both face and body
  3. Calms inflammation - helps calm inflamed scars / scar tissue and the skin around it

Where does Shea Butter come from?

Shea butter is derived from the seeds of fruit that grow on the Shea tree, and is high in essential fatty acids, necessary for production of collagen.

It is used historically as an intensive natural moisturizing treatment for skin and hair, but is also known as an easy-to-use cooking fat in some parts of the world. Some studies, however, suggest that it should not be eaten, as it may cause digestion problems.

Shea Butter Cautions

  • This butter is super thick and solid at room temperature, but should be stored away from direct sunlight or extreme heat. It will last at least 12 -16 months. After 18 months or so, it will go rancid, and can not be used.
  • Those who have nut allergies should probably avoid using this butter.

Read more about the uses and benefits of Shea Butter at WedMD.

Shea butter benefits the body, especially skin, in many healthy ways, and helps restore moisture from dryness, sunburn, and aging, like few lotions can, which makes it's natural goodness all the better. 

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