Massage Therapy Music
(4 Types that help us relax and heal)

Good massage therapy music for your session is critical! Anyone who tells you it isn't, has no idea about true relaxation in massage therapy.

Music sets the tone for relaxation.

Get the music right, and you are prepared for the best gift you can give...the gift of true relaxation.

Other things matter too; like smell of the room, calmness of therapist's voice, warmth of the oil or lotion, flickering of candles, and the feel of the massage table sheets.

But the music is, by far, the most critical aspect of the first 5 minutes of the session.

There are many different types of music, using many different instruments to create a calming sound-scape.

Learning how to choose massage music for relaxation actually requires you to dip deep into your soul!

4 Types of Massage Therapy Music

  1. New Age  - Some of the most popular new age musicians often market and sell their music to massage therapists, who search for the perfect healing sounds for their sessions.
  2. Guitar - Relaxing guitar massage music is another common choice for therapists who want to provide a soothing atmosphere.
  3. Piano - Healing piano massage music and nature music are also found in many massage rooms and spas, as well as in many homes for those who search for relaxation for unwinding or sleep.
  4. Flute - You may also prefer native flute music for your massage. Flute music is very grounding, taking us back in a sense, to our origins and allowing us to feel safe and at peace.

Massage therapy music sets the stage for healing

Massage music is healing...just the music. But, when therapeutic touch is added, there is potential for a deeper healing to take place....for the mind, body, and spirit healing!

Read more about the physical and mental music health benefits.

Together, the hands of the therapist and chords of the music prepares the client to begin release of stress, tension, worry, fear, and sometimes even trauma.

The healing is not done by the therapist or the music. The healing is done by the client, when the client is ready to heal. Only then,  will they be able to truly let go of their problems.

When you have had a stressful day, there is nothing like relaxing music to help you unwind and release the worries of the day.

What's your favorite massage therapy music for relaxation and healing?

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