Guitar Massage Music ...
for relaxation and stress relief!

Listening to guitar massage music allows the body to relax,   helping restore energy, balance, concentration.

Medical studies have shown that using music therapy produces feelings of well-being, calmness, and releases anxiety and tension.   

When used in a therapeutic setting, like massage therapy or yoga, music can help to lower blood pressure, calm the nerves, and ease the worries of the mind.

Each part of the body and mind has the ability to be affected by music, and relaxing massage therapy music is perfect for creating that atmosphere.

Some people actually relax best with hard rock music or classical music, every person is different when it come to the music they connect with.

An article by Miranda Hitti from WebMD talks about how chronic pain and chronic stress takes a toll on the body, attributing to heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

One of the things that they recommend is the use of relaxing music before bedtime.

Massage therapists use guitar massage music during their sessions to help clients unwind and release the stresses of the mind and body.

Jeff Gold's CD "Escapes" is one of the most popular with massage practitioners, spas, and anyone hoping to create a healing environment for folks that need help releasing pain, stress, or worry.

This music video clip is one of the tracks from that CD:

Escapes ” has also become popular with Music Therapists as a tool to help patients deal with stress and anxiety. 

Jeff writes relaxing music for massage therapy centers, wellness centers, spas and music therapists to help with healing. His music is highly rated by those who are very picky about relaxing sounds for their businesses and clients.

From the use of acoustic guitars, strings, flutes and piano, Jeff has produced two CD's "Soul of a Mountain" in 2006, and "Escapes" in 2009, both great for massage therapy music, yoga, or just calming down at home.

He arranges and composes his own music, playing the guitars and pianos, and creating other instrumental sounds by computer, all geared toward establishing a calming, tranquil atmosphere..

Guitar music is a favorite type of massage therapy music as it has been shown to enhance recovery from surgery or trauma, soothe the stresses of cancer treatment, reduce chronic pain and/or depression, and improve heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.

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