Massage Music for Relaxation

 Relaxing massage music sets the stage for an awesome massage therapy session!

Get the music right, and you have created an opportunity to unwind and release the worries of life...if only for a while.

Get the music right and you have created a wonderful opportunity to unwind and release the worries of life...if only for a while.

There are many different types of massage therapy music to use. Whether you are in a spa or just relaxing at home, choosing the sound-scape that will help you relax is an important decision.

How to Choose Relaxation Music

Start by digging deep.

What are your most wonderful memories?

Did you grow up going camping and playing in the streams? Maybe a CD that has soft sounds of mountain streams might be the best music choice.

Was your family vacation to the beach each year a precious memory for you? If so, you may want to choose relaxing ocean sounds to help you unwind and release stress.

What are your most treasured memories with your spouse?

When you had your first date with your husband, was there soft piano music playing? Did someone play the piano at your wedding?

Piano music is often found in spas and massage therapy clinics because so many people relate to the sound.

If you have Indian heritage or connections with Indian cultures, Native American Flute Music may make you feel relaxed and grounded, which is often very comforting.

Although new age music has just burst on the music scene in the last 10 years, many people use it in their home to relax, as well as hearing it in the spa and massage clinic setting.

Music has the power to make us feel happy, sad, emotional, joyful and powerful. But when we are at our worst, it can make us calm.

Music has been proven to not only relax the mind, but also the body, helping to lower blood pressure, reduce tension headaches, reduce stress, and allow the body the opportunity to heal itself.

No longer is relaxing music just for the massage session. Nowadays, people listen to relaxing music in their car, in the bedroom to help them sleep, at the gym, in the doctors office to help them relax, and in their office at work. It can be so soothing in the stressful places that we find ourselves everyday.

Our #1 Pick......Relaxation Suite by Steven Halpern! It's the just cannot get softer, slower, more deeply relaxing music than this simply can't! Gone through 2-3 in my practice alone!

Whatever massage music you choose to help you unwind, may it offer you the ability to help your body and mind rest, and bring you peace.

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