Native Flute Music

Native flute music is one of the most common types of music for massage therapists to use in helping their clients to relax during a session. It is often described as a "music to calm the mind and heal the soul".

Maria Kostelas creates and produces flute music CD's. Her pieces are long, some lasting over twenty minutes, without lots of breaks to interrupt the massage session.

Benefits of Native Flute Music

Flute music is perfect for massage because it allows you to hear long pieces of music, followed by long pieces of silence. In massage therapy, long music pieces are perfect, because massages usually last for 30-90 minutes, so the longer, the better.

During a long music piece, the time allows us to conjure up feelings of childhood times, family times, and times when felt safe, protected, and calm. Memories are often a part of the whole massage experience.

It sometimes also connects us to our own inner spirit, helping us to realize that we have the power inside ourselves to be strong and survive. As we get lost in our thoughts during massage, we understand, with the help of relaxing music, that we are worthy and capable of feeling, loving and embracing a wonderful, happy lifestyle.

Maria Kostelas composes, writes, and performs with intention, in hopes that energy healing is created for the listener.

She has been asked many times about why flute music is so relaxing. She thinks it is because the sound is one of the closest to that of the human voice.

It has healing vibrations that can go directly to the part of the brain that helps control emotions and pulses.

Respiratory and heart rates, as well as blood pressure, slow down and strengthens the immune system. Many have reported that here music has helped them deal with medical issues like pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, even symptoms of a cold.

Like meditation, flute music has taken listeners to a state of total relaxation and peace.

Ancient Voices from Within: Flutes of the World

This is the perfect example of music that can heal the soul....making it also perfect for healing massage therapy sessions.

Maria has had concerts and given workshops, and private intuitive sessions internationally. Shirley MacLaine, Christiane Northrup, Judith Orloff and Joan Borysenko have endorsed her work among others.

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