Piano Massage Music
and creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation!

Massage therapists and spas use piano massage music to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere for their clients.

Numinous is one of George Skaroulis’ first CD's of massage therapy music. It became popular with therapists when Massage Magazine called him “One of the most gifted new age musicians of our time… this is excellent ambient massage music”.

George has released many CD's since that time, and all of them are great for massage, as they all run for about one hour and are very peaceful and relaxing.

Therapists are very picky about their music, as they are about every aspect of their massage session. But, the music sets the stage for true relaxation like nothing else.

All therapists have a passion for providing the ultimate comfort for clients, which includes many things that awaken the senses of touch, smell and sound. To improve the quality of their client’s lives, they must be totally comfortable with what they use in each and every session.

So, the perfect music for massage is critical!

Sanctuary, one of George's  most popular CD's, is a tribute to massage therapy, and a top selling massage therapy music CD.

After Sanctuary was released, George decided to create a peaceful “Sanctuary”, where trade show attendees have a quiet place and could take a break. Offering reflexology, attendees listen to his music and are able to block out the noise and distractions of their surroundings. It is often a highlight to many who frequent the shows.

He brings this event to many AMTA conventions as a fundraiser. Thanks in part to many cooperate sponsors, it has raised thousands of dollars for the Massage Therapy Foundation, and the Touch Research Institute.

George’s piano massage music also has a calming effect on animals. The Atlanta Humane Society uses his wonderful music in the shelter to calm scared, nervous animals waiting for adoption.

This is his most popular music for massage therapy, having some of the highest ratings of any relaxation/new age/massage music ever! After you hear the clip, you will understand why it was chosen by therapists

You can listen to Sanctuary,  his most popular piano music CD, and know that he provides a deep peace that few ever feel. 

George Skaroulis' CD's are the most perfect massage therapy music...for clients and therapists!

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