Best New Age Music for Healing

You can't talk about the best new age music for healing without talking about Steven Halpern.

For many massage therapists, introduction to massage therapy music came in massage school clinicals.

If you are a "seasoned" massage practitioner, it was "the" music you heard for many months during student clinic, because 12-13 years ago, Gifts of the Angels was "it"!

Although Steven still produces some of the best music for massage, he also creates other work for meditation, sound sleeping, and relaxation.

The following article was written by Steven Halpern about his music, his career and the massage therapists who choose his music for their sessions.

Healing Music

By Steven Halpern

Over 40 years ago, I began composing a new kind of healing music that transported me into a state of peace and serenity. I quickly discovered it had that effect on others. In fact, massage therapists were my first professional audience.

They reported that my Inner Peace Music made it easier for their clients to reduce their stress, breathe more deeply, and relax more completely. Not only that, but it enhanced the rapport between client and practitioner, and made their jobs easier.

For me, being in the recording studio is an opportunity to 'follow my bliss' and at the same time, to serve many others around the world. When I start a new project, I set my intention to bring through the highest and best new age music that I can.

In my work, it's not just about the notes, it's about the energy that comes through that counts.

On virtually every recording I've done, I've experienced anew the thrill of inspiration and creativity I feel when connecting with the quantum field. There's always new music to hear with the inner ear, and then to share with the world.

I've always been honored and delighted that so many massage professionals include my albums as 'the music of choice' to help create their nurturing environment.

When I was a keynote speaker at both the 1990 and 2000 AMTA National Conferences, 90% of the audience raised their hands when I asked them about their playlist.

I've never forgotten that bond, and I was honored last year to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Massage Festival.

Massage professionals are very sensitive to energy, and I have always respected their trust in me and my work to be part of their team. For variety, my albums feature themes, like Chakra Balancing, or instruments, like cello on Relaxation Suite, or the Rhodes electric piano on Deep Theta.

And yes, if you were wondering: I love receiving massage, and having an extra incentive to 'field test' each new album is a win/win for me and my local massage professionals.

Steven Halpern's Inner Peace CD is very popular massage therapy music for therapists who are often "extremely picky" about their music.

Originally released in 2002, this is one of Steven Halpern's best new age music CDs for massage, meditation and healing.

This CD, along with "The Chakra Suite", "Relaxation Suite", and "Music for Massage" will help you help your clients unwind, rest and heal.

Recognized by Keyboard magazine as “One of the most influential artists of the past 35 years", Steven Halpern continues to set the gold standard in the healing music genre that he pioneered.

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With Steven Halpern's release of his latest CD, "Deep Theta", he debuted on the Billboard chart at number 9, again giving us more of the best new age music for healing our body, mind, and spirit.

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