Massage Table Sheets

Massage Table Sheets are one of the most important massage supply products that you will purchase for your massage room. They should feel comfortable and smell clean and fresh.

Best massage table sheets for your practice

Many therapists and spas will only use white linens. Some may use other light, soothing colors like cream or sage. But, basically, it is the massage itself that will keep your clients returning, not the color of you sheets.

Importance of nice sheets

Everything about you and your treatment room should give the client the feeling of being in a professional health care setting.

If you are wearing clothes with stains or holes, or if you have linens that were purchased at thrift stores, you are giving the impression that you view their massage experience with you as unimportant. 

Think about how you would feel if you were receiving a professional massage and found out that the table linens were purchased second-hand. 

You are definitely not encouraging the client to view their massage therapy as a much-needed part of their overall health care routine.

The type of massage linens that you use shows your client how important they are to you. The feel and smell of the sheets is an important part of their decision to return to your practice.

What type of massage table sheets should I buy?

  • Cotton sheets are always nice, but can be expensive. They tend to hold wrinkles longer also, even after being placed on your table, but they feel awesome.
  • T-Shirt (or jersey) sheets are soft cotton sheets with a jersey knit weave, like a cotton T-shirt. They are a knitted, heavier weight than cotton sheets and warm. Some clients, however, tend to get "wrapped up" in these sheets, with oil or lotion already on their bodies, while turning.
  • Flannel is popular option for massage linens. Soft cotton flannel feels wonderful, especially in the winter, but can get warm (especially with a table warmer) to some "hot-natured" clients.
  • Bamboo sheets are another fairly new option for massage linens. It is a very soft fabric, almost like a silk/cashmere mix. They last for a long time, but can be very expensive.
  • Poly-cotton sheets are also used by massage therapy professionals. They feel great to the client, are easy to wash, and are very reasonably priced. Poly-cotton is a great choice for a high-volume practice or spa.
  • Microfiber sheets are a fairly new option for the massage table. Some therapists complain that they cannot snugly drape the client and others say that the fabric hold the oil, and dos not wash out easily. 

The other thing to consider when buying your linens is your work environment.

If you are working in a warm, outdoor climate, you may want to choose 100% cotton or poly-cotton sheets so that your client does not get too hot.

If you are in a cool or cold climate or in a basement office space, you may want to choose flannel linens (and a table warmer) to ensure your clients do not get cold during their massage.

Make sure you are using the best laundry detergent for your sheets and towels. It should be one that is hypoallergenic, dye-free, economical (as you will use it often), and has the ability to provide a deep clean to many types of fabrics.

Whatever type of massage table sheets you choose, make sure they are always clean and without holes, stains or odors.

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