Portable Massage Tables

Portable massage tables are best if a massage therapist plans to do out-call massage in addition to other modalities in an office or spa setting.

Some high-quality tables are so well built that you may never have to replace them. Most are made to withstand daily, continuous use.

The key is to find the one that is best for you.

The 6 Most Important Things to Consider When Buying a Massage Table:

1. Width, Length and Height


The massage table should be wide enough so it can fit your clients comfortably, but not so wide that you can't reach across to the other side. Typically, if you are 5'5" or shorter, you should only use a 29-30 inch wide table.

Most tables come standard at 29 - 30 inches wide. Table arm extenders, however, can increase the width of your table by 6-8 inches.


The massage industry standard for length is currently 73 inches. If you expect that you will be working with many tall clients, there are 77 inch tables that would work well.

Table length extenders can also increase the length of your table by 6-8 inches.


Most tables can adjust to a range of 24" to 34".

2. Wood or Aluminum

Wooden tables are the most popular and look comfortable and natural. They are great for an office and out-calls.

The aluminum table is lightweight, easy to adjust and great if you will do mainly out-calls.

3. Table Padding

Most portable massage tables come with a standard 2 1/2-3 inches of foam padding which is great for most spa and massage work.

If you plan to do sports massage or structural integration, you might want a thinner padding on your table.

4. Price and Quality

Cheap massage tables might tend to break down quickly.

Discount tables may be tables that have been displayed, used only a few times and repaired or refurbished.

High quality tables (Oakworks, Earthlite, Master, etc.) are generally long-lasting and durable.

5. Includes Must-have Accessories

  • Adjustable Face Rest- Essential!! Most therapists adjust the face rest with every massage.
  • Bolster- You will need one for those clients with low back pain.
  • Carrying case- This protects your massage table during transport.
  • Extenders- Great for larger clients.
  • Adjustable tilt back positioning is nice if you plan to do facial massage treatments. (Earthlite Avalon Tilt Table is great)

6. Warranty

Buy a table from a reputable company that provides a warranty. Most warranties range from 1 year-3 years.

Get more tips here: Complete Guide to Buying a Portable Massage Table

Our #1 Choice in Portable Massage Tables

This table, Oakworks Advanta Massage Table Professional Package - Sapphire (other colors are available) is our #1 choice. As Oakworks lightest and most ergonomic portable table, it is designed to accommodate clients and massage therapists alike. The Advanta's unique design alleviates the strain of unnecessary twisting and reaching. Advanta has exceptionally lightweight portability.

It has TerraTouch, which is Oakwork's standard upholstery. It is polyurethane, not vinyl and feels soft and luxurious. It contains no PVC's or heavy metals, lasts longer than vinyl, and has better stain and tear resistance. Semi-Firm padding, at 2.25" multi-layer, multi-density system provides a firmer support and overall better comfort.

Portable massage tables are the most important purchase that new therapists make as they start their career, so read reviews, ask other therapists, and find the best table for you and your business. 

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