Oriental Massage Video

An Oriental massage video teaches basic techniques of different types of massage therapy practiced in Asian cultures.

Learning Oriental techniques allows you to provide relaxation or much needed deep Shiatsu work, massage cupping, traditional Tui Na, foot massage, face massage, Thai massage, or Ashiatsu massage with the feet, using bars overhead for balance.

Types of Oriental Massage

Shiatsu - provides deep pressure point massage using thumbs, fingers, and palms of hands. It's primary goal is to re-establish the proper flow of "Qi" (energy flow) throughout the body.

Cupping - creates a negative pressure suction with massage cups to loosen chronically tight muscles or scar tissue, increase blood flow, and encourage lymph drainage.

Tui Na - a Chinese massage technique that usually combines several different therapies like Shiatsu, acupressure and reflexology to achieve a pain-relieving goal.

Chinese Foot Massage - involves vigorous rubbing and kneading of the feet to work pressure points and is still considered an important part of Chinese medicine.

Chinese Face Massage - this face massage therapy works 25-27 pressure points in the face, neck, and shoulders to relieve tension and stress in facial muscles.

Thai Massage - includes stretches and deep breathing routines to encourage not only relaxation of muscles, but relaxation of the nervous system as well.

Ashiatsu - is a barefoot massage where the therapist uses overhead parallel wooden bars for support and balance.

Benefits of Oriental Therapies

Oriental therapies tend to be goal-oriented. Releasing muscles, reducing low back pain, and reducing sinus pain and pressure are common treatments. Using pressure point therapy to achieve the goal is also common in many techniques.

Because these therapies are based on the concept of re-establishing the energy flow (Qi) within the body, most provide an increase in energy, a strong sense of well-being, increased blood circulation and support of immune system functions.

Learning Oriental massage 

The basics of Oriental massage can be learned through video instruction, however detailed instruction should be taught in a classroom setting in order to truly understand and practice them in a clinical, therapeutic setting. Many of theses therapies were taught over the course of a lifetime, so a few hours of classroom training may leave you with many more questions about this type of massage.

You might be interested in learning more about Oriental massage therapies that are taught and practiced throughout the world today. There are also Oriental massage video clips for learning these techniques at home.

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